6 Good Reasons To Plant A Tree In Memory Of Someone

Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging episodes in a person’s life. As you prepare for their send-off and journey toward your healing, you will also want to remember them and their impact for the rest of your life.

plant A Tree In Memory Of Someone

One way to remember someone after their death is by planting a memorial tree. These trees will keep your loved one’s memories alive and benefit future generations. Read on for 6 good reasons to plant a memorial tree.

1.  Tangible Representation Of Your Loved One

Planting a tree in someone’s memory serves as a physical representation of their time on earth and a reminder that their legacy still lives. The trees will continue benefiting humanity hence a gift for the community they once impacted.

2.  Planting A Tree Honors Your Loved One

Planting a tree is particularly fitting for someone who loves nature, gardening, travel, or sustainability as they represent their closeness with nature. Such persons would definitely appreciate such a gesture if they were alive.

3.  It Is Easier To Gift A Memorial Tree To Someone That Lost Their Loved One

Where words fail, you can plant a tree in memory of someone and give their loved one to relieve their pain in the wake of their loss. Gifting someone a memorial tree is ideal in place of flowers and cards, which will wilt and serve a limited purpose. Memorial trees are easier to gift through tree planting organizations with the following steps:

  • Select the tribute design you will send
  • Choose the number of trees and locations important to the deceased or their loved one.
  • Add a personal message

4.  Memorial Trees Sustain Life

Memorial trees, especially those planted in a forest, will benefit overall life for their contribution to the water cycle. Such trees will also help prevent floods and soil erosion. Choosing to plant a tree in memory of someone will also reduce runoff and hence the deposit of harmful chemicals into the waterways.

5.  Planting A Memorial Tree Supports Wildlife

Choosing to plant a tree in memory of someone over plaques and other memorials will provide a habitat for wildlife. Mammals, birds, and reptiles rely on trees to shelter from predators and weather elements. Trees offer food to these animals through fruits, leaves, and nuts hence vital in supporting the wildlife population.

6.  Plant A Tree In Memory Of Someone To Restore Nature

Statistics reveal a high rate of deforestation annually, and the numbers continue to increase. In addition, forest fires continue to destroy forests across the globe. Sadly, the reforestation rate does not match the damage to forests. Hence, choosing to plant a tree in memory of someone is ideal for restoring nature in areas affected by forest fires and deforestation.

Plant A Tree In Memory Of Someone

While there is no better way to relieve grief following the loss of a loved one, you can honor them by planting a tree. This action will create a tangible memory of your beloved one and benefit the ecosystem and future generations. Therefore, if you or someone close to you loses their loved one, plant a tree in their memory.

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