Passing Out Parade (POP) For Batch C 2011/2012 is Finally Fixed

Passing Out Parade (POP) For Batch C 2011/2012 is Finally Fixed

I know lots of Batch C 2011 has been asking for the passing out parade (POP) date, it is supposed to be October 14 2012 initially judging by the date that appears on their I.D Card but earlier in the year when NYCS official published the dates for all NYSC activities throughout the year 2012, the POP date is schedule to be 23rd October, 2012.
Then again the published date of 23rd October has been threaten by the Muslim Festival Called “EID MUBARAK“ILEYA” as a result of this; a final date has now been fixed. The authentic date for the POP was confirmed from the NYSC Directorate Headquarter in Abuja. The new date is now 18th October, 2012.
This is the last of the four cardinal programmes of the service year. The program brings back to the State Capital corps members from their primary assignment posts for the purpose of the passing-out exercise. There is this exercise that is very important to accomplish. All passing out corps members must obtain “clearance sheet” from the NYSC Secretariat. The format is such that will enable relevant authorities certify that the corps member has fulfilled all righteousness as it affects his/her national service. The importance of this clearance letter cannot be over-emphasized. On the day of passing-out, every corps member must surrender his/her NYSC ID card and the clearance letter duly certified by the relevant authorities before the certificate of National Service can be issued to him/her.
During the last week of the service year, corps members are organised into groups to evaluate and appraise the service year. Their suggestion, recommendations and proposals are studied, analyzed and subsequently used as basis to further improvement of the Scheme. The Service Year is rounded off with a passing out parade, usually in the State capital, during which certificates of National Service are issued to Corps members, and special Honours’ conferred on those Corps members whose Performance during the year was adjusted outstanding both it the State and National levels.
Finally, the distribution of certificates of National Service to corps participants wraps up the entire activities and brings the service year to a close.
Wishing all of you going into a favour market a blissful job career. Thank you for serving your father land well. If you like this information, show appreciation by clicking on the facebook like below.

Another Batch C for 2012 service year will commence November 6th 2012. For full details on the activities of the Batch C 2012 check it out here

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  1. @Ikennahenry did you know that because of the fear of Boko Haram, no State Cordinator want to actually comes out and tell it you that it is 18th. but here in Abia today, the state cord said it can be that 18th or 11th or even after 18th. The fear of boko haram is giving NYSC serious problem now. I can tell you.
    @All thanks for your appreciative comments.

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