How To Pass Women Initial Test When You Approach Them

How To Pass Women Initial Test When You Approach Them

Anytime you want to approach a woman, there are likely two ways that she will test you to know if you really worth her time and if you fail, just know that, there is no way back to get her attention, she will definitely leave you and go on her own.

She will test because she is tired of many men approaching her and she can’t be nice to all, she need to begin the separation right away and know those who really worth her time.

Women does this not because she is cruel, arrogant or wicked but because she just need to weed out unserious and losers out as early as possible.

How To Pass Women Initial Test When You Approach ThemHow do you know you’re being tested?

This test is something you just need to look out for when you’re being tested because, the test itself is counterintuitive and if you don’t know you’re being tested, you’ll fail and that is the end of it all.

When something is counterintuitive, that meansthat what seems like the natural, right response to have is actually the WRONG one. In other words, if you respond to a counterintuitive test by doing what seemsreasonable and logical, you’ll FAIL.

The two most common of those test are; “the buzz off, loser or you loser” which occur in the first 10 seconds and the second one is; “do I respect you

Now let me make it clearer for you so that you’ll not fail the test when you approach any beautiful women and you’re being tested.

1. The buzz off, loser or you loser or why are you talking to me

Here is what really happens in the first test that occurs within the first 10 second. Because lots of guys do approach these beautiful women, they’ve resorted to first make you look like a loser or just buzz off and ignore you as if they don’t hear you saying something to them.

It is not that women are arrogant or not being nice to guys when they approach them but because so many guys don’t know how to approach them and misused the opportunity given to them and have made these women resorted to testing all men with this first test to really know if you really worth their time.

You talk to them, they look at you as if you’re loser and they continue moving. Unknowingly to you, you’re just being tested.

Below is just an example of what I’m trying to talk about here;

Man: Hi, you’re beautiful. What’s your name?

Woman: Buzz off, loser (some women will even hiss here)

Another example again

Man: Wazup baby, how’s your day going today?

Woman: Why are you talking to me?

What you should understand here is that, your approach is not good enough and that is what resulted in such test. What do you do? You’ll need to tighten up your approach strategy, make her think that you don’t even want anything from her, you just feel like having a conversation with her.

For you to be able to achieve this, you’ll need a total transformation of your self-perception, social communication patterns, body language, speech rhythms, and conversation technique. Seriously, once you’ve got it sorted, belief me, you’re in. To learn how exactly to completely transform yourself and become irresistible to women, you got to check this out: How to be irresistible to women.

2. Do I respect you?

This test always come up at the mid of theconversation with her. When a woman test you at this stage, it show that you might be a good suitor but she still need to be sure if really you’re a high value man. If you pass this test, you’ll dramatically increase her respect and attraction for you.

As you know, if a woman didn’t respect you, she can’t feel attracted to you; if she feels you’re of lower value to her, she will not even give you any chance to interact with her.

The most common test under “do I respect you” is a situation where she will ask you to buy her drink. Any guy could fall for this, thinking that the woman has fallen for him and she’s asking for favour from him. He will just go ahead and buy her drink, this is absolutely WRONG.

Here is the reason why it is wrong, when you buy her the drink; you’re now the kind of guy who want to buy her attention and her attraction. The truth is that, only a guy who doesn’t have a high value personality and social value will fall for that antic.

When a woman you’re just asking out ask you to buy her a drink, whether she preface it with any kind of sweet words like I love you or I like you, please do not buy her the drink, there are better way to respond to such offer from her.

Take these as samples on how you should respond to her ‘buy me a drink’

Woman: you must be a nice guy! Will you buy me a drink?

You: What do you take me for, a chump? Don’t you KNOW who I AM?!

Woman: Hmnnnn … not really?

You: I’m the guy who doesn’t buy you drinks. (big grin)

Or you could try Mystery’s recommendation:

Woman: I’m thirsty. Will you get me a drink?

You: You buy me one first, and we’ll see.

Another alternative:

Woman: Can I have a drink?

You: Nope, I decided a while ago that it’s kind of pitiable when guys buy women drinks. It’s like enticement. You know what? We’ll play the reciprocation game. You buy ME a drink first, and then I’ll reciprocate. 

Whatever you do, you MUST NOT buy her a drink. She’ll enjoy the ego-rush – and then she’ll ditch you in favour of more challenging game. Stay one step ahead and turn it back around on her. She may get flustered, she may even pout a little – but she’ll be intrigued. And THAT is the reaction you’re after.

Honestly, you can learn more about this by applying the rules of social dynamics and social psychology. No matter how challenging the woman can be, if you learn these rules, you’ll surely bring her to her knee. Check it out; The social mastery skills that will make you irresistible to women.

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