Paschal Eronmose Wins Gulder Ultimate Search Season 9

Gulder Ultimate Search Season 9 has finally ended with Paschal Eronmose emerging as the ultimate man, and Onyinye as the last woman standing. The final showdown, the warriors exit their camp and prepare for the last leg in their quest for the Gate Keeper FortuneThe last people standing are James, Nuhu, Onyinye and Paschal, eventually it is Ojezele Paschal Eronmose that wins the ultimate price, Paschal Eronmose is now the reining Gulder Ultimate Search. Ojezele Paschal Eronmose you’re the man, the hero of GUS Season 9.
Eronmose Paschal Wins GUS Season 9 2012

Congratulation to Onyinye for being the last woman standing in this year Gulder Ultimate Search Season 9, the challenge is so tense and she made it to the last stage.

Oyinye Last Woman Standing in GUS Season 9

We here at I Love Relationship congratulate all that participated in this year’s Gulder Ultimate Search Season 9. The N9 million, a brand new SUV and N500,000 swaggar allowance belong to Ojezele Eronmose Paschal now. Na God do am for you ooooo!

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2 thoughts on “Paschal Eronmose Wins Gulder Ultimate Search Season 9”

  1. Waow,i cant blieve dis,paschal,u are great,jst go home and enjoy ur cash,bt pls dnt 4get ur jungle lover,onyinye,d last girl standing,lol….

    1. Lily don’t worry Paschal will remember you. God don butter his bread na and for Onyinye she tried pass guys self for the jungle.

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