Parenting Essentials: Creating A Good Atmosphere For Your Family

The increase in community activity in the house due to the pandemic has increasingly made homeowners aware of the need to provide a comfortable and exciting residential atmosphere. One of them went through the family room.

Parenting Essentials

The family room is one of the centers of activity and a gathering place at home, both on weekdays and on weekends. If family members prefer to work together in the living room instead of in the bedroom, then you have successfully made the living room fun.

Not only from the interior design or the furniture in it, a comfortable and fun living room arises from the same atmosphere. One of the easiest ways to create such an atmosphere is to add a linen curtain. We will present five inspirational living rooms with different interior designs. Each of these designs has different characteristics and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the family room according to the wishes of the owner.

Wood and Pastels

For homeowners who like the dominant wood element in a house with a modern design, the Japanese or Japanese-Scandinavian style can be an option. Wood elements combined with light and pastel colors makes your family feel relaxed and has a playful atmosphere and comes together with nature. 

Instagramable Living Room Thanks to Characteristic Ornaments and Decorations

Create a more personal and instagramable living room feel through various touches of ornaments and other decorative elements. For example, an art deco-style glass coffee table with gold motif ornaments on the table legs, then indoor plants, various printilan and small accessories, as well as writing decorations that hang on the wall.

You can be free to be creative as you wish to change a family room that seems ordinary to be closer and more comfortable by giving these touches.

Scandinavian-Industrial Family Room with Complete Entertainment Facilities

Scandinavian-industrial is one of the interior design styles that is in demand by many people. The design that is not adventurous actually creates a modern and stylish impression. The simple scandustry design also provides an opportunity for other elements of the family room to be the main focus, namely entertainment facilities.

For homeowners who are concerned with technology and gadgets, creating a family room with the latest entertainment facilities will make them feel at home. Flat screen televisions, soundbars, speakers, digital television boxes, and other electronic entertainment equipment.

Modern American Style for Unusual Living Room Display

Although not always the first choice when determining interior design, American style has its own charm for people who like it. With a classic, elegant, and ornate design that is more complex, this interior design can provide an interesting atmosphere and can’t be used for a family room.

You can even make fireplace decorations one of the mandatory design elements in modern American classic designs. Even though Indonesia does not have a winter season, the “fireplace” in the living room can further strengthen the classic American feel of the living room.

A Variety of Light-Colored Furniture for Pop of Color Accents in the Living Room

Ornaments and accessories are the easiest ways to create an interesting and different atmosphere from a minimalist-designed living room, even if you choose the bright colors. For those of you who love bright colors, install brightly colored sofas, carpets, and sofa cushions as pop of color elements.

You can also use light wall colors or bright and patterned wallpapers to further strengthen the color accents of the living room that were previously plain and neutral.

Those are some interesting living room designs and can give a strong design character to your home.

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