How Often Do You Text Your Relationship Partner

How Often Do You Text Your Relationship Partner

Text messages may not be there in the time past, but with advance in technology, it has come to stay at least for now and there are lots of benefits associated with it but it also has the other side of the coin.

So, is constant texting good or bad for any relationship?

I’m sure you know that with texting, especially to your romantic partner decreases the chances of seeing face-to-face for interaction and at the same time it keeps both of you in touch with one another.

How Often Do You Text Your Relationship PartnerThere’s no doubt about the benefits texting has offered us human in our individual relationship, it really makes life so easy for us to pass our messages across to our lover irrespective of where they live in the world.

But I’m worry with the way texting is hugely overtaking the core of romantic relationship. Face-to-face interaction is the centre of romantic relationship but it is being challenged with technology, where one partner can hide under it and deceive the other.

Do I have anything against texting?


In fact, I love it but with what I have seen around, I’m a little bit uncomfortable with the way it is being used to avoid face-to-face conversion which make romantic relationship even better, because it gives you so much opportunity to actually know how your partner react to issues. Unlike texting, you can’t really be guaranteed of the sincerity of such conversation. Texter can hide so much from you because texting give them more time to think and properly craft clever messages that says otherwise of how exactly they’re feeling.

You can’t read the non-verbal signal from texting, the sweating palm, shaking voice, eye contact and other body languages are hidden. No wonder, many find face-to-face conversion difficult and would rather go for texting especially when there’s skeleton in their cupboard.

Sure, you can send romantic text messages to you partner and let him or her knows how much you think about them. But don’t let texting create psychological distance between you and your lover. Texting is just to aid your dating but not to be the focal mean of conversation.

According to Schade et al., 2013. Women who frequently text more, feel happier in their relationship and there partner is happy as well, however, men who frequently text more feel less happy, and their romantic partner too feel less happy.

Texting is frequent in most new relationship for lots of people, it is their major source of communication and people age between 17 and 25 years uses text to express their romantic desire more than people who are above 25 years of age.

In all, it is always advisable to get it right at the beginning of your relationship, and that will happen if only you have a clear rule on how texting should be carry out.

How often do you text your romantic partner?

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