NYSC 2013/2014 Batch C Passing Out Parade Date

NYSC 2013/2014 Batch C Passing Out Parade Date

Now that NYSC Batch C 2013 Corps members have obeyed the clarion call, trying to lift Nigeria high under the scourging sun, heavy rain and in some part of the country with serious cold weather condition, not to talk of sun flies, house flies, mosquitoes and lots of inconveniences that accompanied NYSC service year.

The time is now for Batch C 2013/2014 to forever say goodbye to NYSC programmes and embrace their respective lives to live the life they most desired.

NYSC 2013/2014 Batch C Passing Out Parade DateThere has been lots of confusion about the passing out parade (POP) date for the 2013/2014 Batch C set, in some quarter, it is being said that the POP date is on the 9th, 16th and 23rd. Although the confusion is always like this in every year when the passing out parade date has not been publicised, but you can be rest assure that the actual date is neither 9th of October, 2014 nor 23rd of October, 2014

From an insider, a very reliable and confirm source, the actual date for the NYSC 2013/2014 Batch C Passing out Parade (POP) is 16th October, 2014.

You can now start the actual count down proper from now on and getting all that you need to take back to your place of domicile ready, so after the pop, you’re off to where you live or where you intend to live after the service year programme.

So, congratulations as you’ve successfully served your father’s land. Don’t forget to start signing the final clearance letter now before the rushing hour.

The programme of activities or winding up approved programme of activities will soon be out for the public view.

Remember, don’t be total reliance on getting job from an Organization/Company/State or Federal Government. You can always find a way with what you love doing and be successful with it.

Congrats once again as success await you.

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