What Do Nice Guys Want in a Relationship

While women are busy expressing their needs and desires, men seem to be playing a game of “guess what’s on my mind” in relationships. It’s almost like we’re from different planets- the whole Mars and Venus thing- but somehow, we still manage to coexist on this one.

Nice Guys Want in a Relationship

Women tend to have a lot to say, while men prefer to keep their cards close to their chest–especially nice guys. This can be challenging when it comes to getting a guy to notice you when they are unsure of their likes and dislikes.

But have no fear–our team has your back. We’ve prepared a list of 5 things nice guys want in a relationship!

5 Things Nice Guys Want in a Relationship

Ladies, knowing what we guys crave in a relationship can help you get where we’re coming from and show him you care about his unexpressed needs and wants. This has the potential to deepen your connection and bring you closer together, and it helps you avoid or resolve confusion and misunderstandings.

So, what do nice guys want in a committed relationship? How about we find out?


Most guys value honesty as their number one priority–we want to have full faith in our significant others, especially in relationships. Oh, and we want the trust to go both ways too. We hate it when our partners keep us in the dark about anything, no matter how small this issue–we would rather have the truth, regardless of how it will hurt us.

Tell it to us straight! If we have shown you that we are reliable throughout dating, it’s probably safe to give us the benefit of the doubt. And don’t forget to keep it 100 with each other by expressing your desires and emotions candidly. In a new romantic relationship, concerns are certain to arise. If either person has trust difficulties, they need to own them–otherwise, this sort of behavior will eventually strain or destroy a relationship.

Do Not Try to Control Us

Having a partner who manipulates or controls you is something no guy, nice or not, appreciates. Women often think they can mold their male partners, but a healthy relationship requires both partners to have their own lives and interests.

When one of the partners is codependent and looks toward the other to make them happy, when they should focus on finding their own happiness, that partner might start to think that manipulating or exerting dominance is the only way to persuade a guy to do certain things.

But this typically has the opposite effect. When we are mothered, emasculated, or treated like a child, we start to feel as though our independence is being strangled. This kind of behavior typically turns men off, and a relationship will fail under these conditions. Communicate openly and set boundaries with your relationship. You have to let us know exactly what you want from us! Keep in mind that it is never a man’s responsibility to make you happy–that’s on you.

We Crave Praise

Our egos are delicate creatures, so don’t hold back on the compliments! Don’t forget to shower him with compliments and boost his ego. After all, who doesn’t love a little extra validation?

Rest assured; it won’t inflate his self-importance to the level of unbearable arrogance.

Let your guy revel in the spotlight of your appreciation by giving him compliments about his irresistible charm and impressive talents. Shower him with praise like a confetti cannon whenever he goes above and beyond for you–a sprinkle of encouraging words can do wonders in making him feel cherished.

If you lavish him with compliments, not only will he feel like a million bucks, but you’ll also start to notice all the amazing things about him that you may have overlooked before.

Give Us Space

Even the most social butterfly needs some cocoon time every now and then. Taking a break allows us to recharge our batteries, reassemble our thoughts, and reconnect with our inner selves.

This is particularly the case with men, who value autonomy above companionship. If you don’t want your relationship to be a choking hazard, give him some breathing room.

Give your man some space and let him explore the world alone from time to time. Let the poor guy decompress after a long day at the office and try not to schedule more activities than a presidential candidate during campaign season when he’s off the clock. If you give him some space to breathe, he’ll realize how much you trust and care about your relationship with him.

Physical Affection

Men aren’t just sex machines; we want some cuddles too!

A soft caress of his head, a chaste smooch, or a hand on his thigh can do wonders at reminding him of your unwavering love and affection. After all, touch is a physical love language!

It’ll get his heart racing and show him how much you care about making him a priority–especially if his love language is touch. It’s an ongoing reminder of your love and support for him.

Final Takeaways

Guys are enigmatic species–they may keep their desires close to their chest, but it’s the little things that can really rev their engines.

If you want to unlock the hidden stash of someone’s deepest thoughts and feelings, just remember the three magic words: communication, space, and honesty.

Just like a good dance partner, knowing when to lead and when to give them space is key to a harmonious relationship.

Remember, you’re the CEO of your own happiness. Don’t outsource that job to your partner. Be the queen of your own kingdom and let him be your loyal subject; together, you’ll reign over a happy relationship!

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