10 Things To Do Before Moving Out Of Your Miami Home

As the second-most populous Floridian metropolis, Miami is known for its vibrant culture, lovely beaches, and bustling nightlife. Sadly, Magic City’s population started to dwindle in 2022 due to extreme weather conditions and rising house prices.

Moving Out Of Your Miami Home

With its declining affordability, the cost of living in Miami is 21% higher than the national average, according to Payscale. That’s why many residents are considering switching cities and moving away from Florida to more affordable places. But relocation may be a stressful experience for homeowners.

That’s why this blog discusses some important things to do before moving out of your home in Miami:

1. Move during the off-season

Relocation is expensive, particularly when you decide to move out of the city in the summer. According to Forbes, the national average cost of moving is about $1,400. And a long-distance move may cost you even more than $10,000! However, you can make moving affordable by choosing the off-season.

The “off-season” here refers to anywhere between September and April. These months don’t see a lot of families relocating, so moving companies are less busy. You can get better quotes from movers when moving away from Miami after Labor Day.

2. Hire reliable movers

You can ask your family and friends to lend a hand when it comes to local moves. Long-distance moves, however, require professional assistance. Whether you’re leaving Miami for another Floridian city or switching states altogether, contact experienced BBB-accredited movers. Now, you’re probably asking, how do I find a Miami long distance moving company near me when relocating? You should search online, read online reviews, and request a free quote from movers.

After comparing these quotes, you should choose the best Miami-based moving partners. Remember to also get moving insurance in case the movers lose/damage some of your belongings.

3. Update all utilities

Let the utility providers know that you’re moving. Notify them to discontinue service a day after you’ve left Miami, Florida, so you can spend your last day in the city comfortably. Give them your new address so they’d send you the final bill. These utilities include gas, cable, water, electricity, and the internet. Don’t forget to renew these utilities before you arrive in the new home.

4. Declutter your home

Relocation is a perfect occasion to inventory your belongings and declutter your place. Identify the things you don’t use, such as ancient furniture and worn-out books. Throw these things away, sell them in a garage, or donate them to underprivileged people in your neighborhood. Movers will charge you less if you have fewer items for them to transport.

You can also rent a self-storage facility to dump all your family heirlooms.

5. Clean your old place

Many tenants in Miami and other cities are required to leave their homes in a “clean and good” condition. That’s why you should clean your place before moving out. Ask deep-cleaning professionals to make the apartment neat for the next tenant. If you’re a homeowner, then cleaning the soon-to-be-sold home will increase its value, and you can get a fair ROI by selling your property in Miami.

6. Update your address

When moving out of your place in Miami, notify financial institutions and government organizations of your change of address. Inform all relevant parties that you’re relocating to a new address, such as your family, friends, and employer/s. That’s how they will stay in contact with you in the future.

Moreover, visit the USPS website and change your address. Ensure they forward your mail because you don’t want new tenants of your Miami home going through your correspondence.

7. Learn to pack your stuff right

Relocation has been labeled the most stressful event in a person’s life. And the most taxing part of the moving process is packing. When relocating away from Miami, FL, you must give yourself 5 to 7 days to pack your stuff. Stay organized by putting your household items inside boxes and cartons. Start by tackling the rooms your family uses less than often. Label every box to learn exactly what items it contains. Color-code these boxes to identify them easily when you’re unpacking them later.

8. Pack a bag of your essentials

Always carry a bag of essentials on your person when switching towns. This bag will contain everything you need to spend your first night in the new house. Your essentials include your keys, meds, phone chargers, basic toiletries, a change of clothing, and some snacks/water for the journey.

Moreover, don’t send your important documents via a moving company; you won’t be able to replace them if movers lose these docs. Bring these papers with you when moving out of your house.

9. Prepare the new house

Don’t just move into your new house without preparing it for your arrival. You need to deep-clean the whole place by dusting every nook and cranny. If you have kids, don’t forget to child-proof the house before bringing your family inside. Change the locks since you don’t know who else got the keys to your apartment from the previous owner/tenant. It’s also a good idea to repaint the place and give it a fresher façade.

10. Say goodbye to your Miami home

No matter how many years you’ve spent living in Miami, this city grows on you. Bidding farewell to the 305 isn’t easy. So, visit your favorite local sports for the last time. Say goodbye to your neighbors and promise to cherish the memories you’ve made here. But now it’s time for you to embark upon another adventure in your life. Glance upon the beauty of SoBe for the last time as you’re heading toward your new home.


If you’re considering leaving your home in Miami, you’re not alone. Thousands of residents in Miami want to relocate to a more affordable town. You can leave the city stress-free by following the suggestions mentioned in this article. So, deep-clean the place before leaving, forward your mail, hire local movers, and transfer all utilities when relocating. Don’t forget to move during the off-season.

These simple tips will help you switch homes without any problems.

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