How To Mend A Broken Heart: 5 Natural Remedies

Using natural remedies can help you mend a broken heart. It might not fix everything, but it’s a start and it’s a whole lot better than resorting to alcohol and ice-cream.

Those methods might work in the short term, but eventually you need to start facing reality and taking care of yourself. Natural remedies can help you get there.

How To Mend A Broken Heart

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Let’s explore more natural ways to help yourself and stay sane (as much as possible).

Rose Petals For A Broken Heart

Besides being a beautiful flower, rose petals in teas have many health benefits including antibacterial properties, antioxidants, and vitamin C.

Roses also have a number of metaphysical properties. They are a great way to realign the Heart Chakra, which will be in total discord when you’re hurting emotionally.

They also make great massage tools and have a nice fragrance. You can use roses to make a soothing bath additive or a relaxing perfume.

Rose petals can help you mend a broken heart, but they can do so much more.

A rose bud mixed with honey can be used to help treat a sore throat. Roses can also be used to make an all natural perfume. You can store the flowers in a cool dry place for a few weeks and they’ll make your space look and smell expensive.

Besides being a great source of vitamin C, roses contain bioflavonoids, which help with the production of estrogen. These molecules are also known to help with blood clotting and improve your immune system.

This is useful because the stress of a broken heart takes its toll on your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to colds.

They have been used medicinally for centuries. They are also a good symbol of luck. They may even have a special meaning for you.

They have been around for as long as humans have. Their metaphysical properties and healing powers make them a great choice for anyone who has experienced loss or grief.

Allow Yourself To Grieve

Getting over a broken heart is a process, and it is important to take time to heal.

You may want to seek out help from a therapist. There are also plenty of support groups that can help you cope with your emotions. You can also try journaling and talking about your feelings.

You will find that different people will deal with heartbreak in different ways. This is not to say that you will not feel the same way, but you need to do your best to honor your feelings. You will need to let yourself have both the sadness and the joy of letting your loved one go.

When you are going through a breakup, you will want to surround yourself with friends and family. You should also spend time alone and allow yourself to heal. You can meditate, exercise, and eat healthy food to keep your energy level up.

Don’t try to numb the pain. You will be less able to move forward in life if you try to numb the feelings. Your heart will heal, but you will still have to deal with the pain later.

You will need to talk about your feelings, but it’s not easy to do. This is one reason that talking about your feelings is so important. Once you can do that, you can start to set realistic goals for yourself and your future.

Read A Self-Help Book

During times of heartbreak, it can be a good idea to read.  This can help you get through the difficult times by addressing issues and providing a blueprint for how to deal with them.

However, these books don’t replace the need for professional help from a therapist. If you’re dealing with issues like anxiety or depression, your therapist may know which books are most helpful.

If you’re unfamiliar with the genre, stick with books with a broader appeal. You can find a wide range of books that will help you heal a broken heart.

These books can be insightful, informative, and entertaining. They can also provide you with a healthy distraction from reality.

You can also find some great books specifically designed to help you recover from a breakup.

These include You Are a Badass by Jen Sicero, Calm the F*** Down by Sarah Knight, and When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chödrön.

While You Are a Badass is fun and entertaining, it’s also insightful and informative. It’s a great book to pick up when you’re looking to gain perspective on your life and improve your relationships.

When Things Fall Apart is an uplifting book that offers a variety of strategies to transform suffering. The author is a psychologist and relationship expert. She encourages readers to focus on the future instead of the past.

This helps you heal from a broken heart by shifting your focus away from what has happened in the past and towards the present.


Whether you have suffered the loss of a loved one, a pet, or a relationship, herbs can help you heal a broken heart and stay healthy during the process.

Rosemary is an uplifting herb that can help you reconnect with your heart and soul. Rosemary contains antioxidant properties, and can be used to fight free radicals in the body.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to increase blood circulation. It’s also rich in vitamins A, C, and E. It contains riboflavin and calcium, and is an excellent source of iron.

Aside from being an excellent source of antioxidants, Rosemary also contains compounds that help in memory enhancement.

These compounds include acetylcholine, which is a chemical that helps to improve memory. The compound also helps to break down mucus and reduce inflammation.

Rosemary also has the ability to improve blood circulation and help in fighting cancer. Its polyphenolic diterpenes have antioxidant activity, and may help to prevent tumor growth.

Rosemary is also associated with memory and has been used in ancient Greece, and Rome to improve memory. It was also used in wedding ceremonies, and was even twined into bridal bouquets.

Rosemary is also an excellent source of calcium, vitamin B6, and iron. Its piney woody scent and ability to warm from the inside out make it an ideal antidote for a heavy heart. It can also be used as a culinary herb.

Rosemary also contains a chemical called carnosic acid, which has been shown to improve eye health. It also contains a chemical called cineole, which breaks up mucus and reduces inflammation.


Whether you are suffering from insomnia, depression or other illnesses, CBD oil is an effective treatment.

It has been found to help people overcome stress and anxiety and is also believed to reduce pain. Several studies have shown that CBD oil can have a positive impact on inflammation.

In addition, it is believed that CBD can help people overcome the pain caused by injuries. It has also been found to help people manage diabetes (which can sometimes be an unfortunate side-effect of consuming chocolate after heartbreak).

It has also been discovered that the use of CBD oil can help reduce the symptoms of PTSD. It can also help people with depression and chronic epilepsy.

In addition, CBD is also believed to reduce pain from arthritis and spinal cord injuries. It has also been found to help patients with low serotonin.

Low serotonin levels are linked to depression and anxiety. CBD increases the production of serotonin, which helps soothe pain centers in the brain and promotes healing.


Mending your broken heart requires time and dedication. Having said that, there is a lot more to it than blood, sweat and tears.

The best medicine is a combination of the following: self-care, social interaction and a healthy dose of serenity.

The aforementioned trifecta may be augmented by a small army of trusted advisers, all of whom have your best interests at heart.

A solid work-life balance and perhaps a few craft-based hobbies may be the key to a healthy state of mind, and consistently pursuing that will help unbreak the most shattered of hearts.

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