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Do you wonder how people stay in happy relationships? If you don’t seem to stop jumping from one toxic relationship to another, perhaps it’s time to reconsider the fundamental values of being in one.

Love and Relationship Advice

When making a commitment to another person, you should practice patience, flexibility, adaptability, and willingness to care for each other. It means spending quality time together, resolving conflicts through communication, keeping intimacy alive, etc.

The relationship advice you’ll find below might help you.

Spend quality time together

A valuable piece of love advice is spending quality time with your significant other. At the beginning of each love journey, couples usually spend hours chatting and thinking of exciting things to do together. Nevertheless, over time, quality time is more challenging to find due to work and family obligations. Instead of sparing time for face-to-face contact, most couples base communication on texts, voice messages, and emails.

In order not to get disconnected and distanced, you should spend quality time together regularly, irrespective of how busy you might be. Make sure to leave gadgets aside and focus on establishing a real connection with your loved one. Try finding an activity you both enjoy doing, such as taking a daily walk, enjoying a hobby, etc. Find out how quality time love language impacts your relationship.

Exploring new things and places together can be a fun way of keeping things interesting, such as planning a day trip or booking a new restaurant. The best way of staying close and connected is by doing activities that benefit others, like community work or volunteering. It provides exposure to new ideas and people, as well as an opportunity to try new challenges together.

Use communication to solve conflicts

Open communication is the basis of every healthy relationship. Therefore, partners in long-term relationships should keep communication constructive and open, thus easily resolving conflict. As time goes by, conflicts tend to arise due to various reasons, including responsibility distribution, jealousy, financial hardship, etc.

Love and Relationship Advice

While resolving conflict is challenging, unresolved conflicts are worse because of the stress they put on relationships. Sweeping disagreements under the carpet isn’t helpful, along with the habit of suppressing one’s feelings. Both partners should express their opinions and negotiate the best way of addressing the issue. People in healthy relationships apologize and strive to repair things by acknowledging they’ve done something wrong.

Managing stress is a technique every partner should practice so as to avoid conflict. When stressed or overwhelmed, individuals tend to send confusing signals to their partners and say things they later regret. A calm state is indispensable for avoiding such regrets and preventing conflict altogether.

Keep intimacy alive

Couples are supposed to keep physical intimacy alive not just by engaging in intercourse but also by hugging, holding hands, and kissing. You should spare some time for date nights or just sitting and holding hands in the evening. It’s common for a relationship to go stale after years of dating or being married.

In such situations, there are certain things to do with your partner, which keep the spark alive. Perhaps it’s high time to turn the autopilot off and start doing things differently. For instance, you can get busy in different rooms in the house, have intercourse at different times of day, dress up, etc. Couples are also advised to consider adding a toy.

Love and Relationship Advice

Furthermore, sex toys aren’t only designed to use for self-pleasure. There are special toys designed for couples, although you can use regular toys to provide stimulation.  For instance, the lush vibe sex toy is a revolutionary toy for couples. It can be used for couple’s play or solo stimulation. If you haven’t shopped for such toys beforehand, you can use online reviews to help you.

Spontaneous sex is always a good idea, but most couples deprive themselves of the freedom to have intercourse when in the mood. According to most relationship experts, spontaneous intercourse is much more exciting for partners than structured sex. Therefore, next time you have a need to be spontaneous, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the moment.

Prepare yourself for ups and downs

Every single relationship is bound to undergo some ups and downs, as staying on the same page is almost impossible for both partners. For example, one partner might be coping with a tough time at work or suffering from a health problem, which has a negative influence on both partners. Sometimes, there is a conflict of ideas in terms of raising children or finance management.

All types of misunderstandings are likely to end up in anger and frustration. It’s of the utmost importance not to take out your problems on your loved one. Snapping at your partner might seem like a good idea at the moment, but it gradually dissolves the relationship. Additionally, forcing a solution isn’t exactly helpful, as it often causes even more problems.

Being flexible and open to change is indispensable in healthy relationships, as change is an aspect no person can avoid in life. Flexibility is necessary for adapting to the changes that happen to every relationship, which allows partners to grow and evolve together not just through the good times but the bad times as well. Follow this link, to see seven ways of being more flexible in a relationship.

Final word

Burying conflicts and feelings isn’t recommended in any love story.

Open communication is key!

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