Love is Blind or Not; Find The Right Answer Here

Love is blind is a phrase that will continue to be said by so many lovers for one thing or the other, it was originally coined by Shakespeare and he used it in most of his play including Henry V and The Merchant of Venice, Two Gentlemen of Verona.

What is Love? Is love actually blind or Not? Even in modern day research, the view that love is blind is supported. According to a research studied in 2004 by University College London, it was stated boldly that “the feelings of love suppressed the activity of the areas of the human brain that control critical thought”and so love is blind is not just a figurative matter.

Do you believe that love is blind? Or you’re one of the people that hold such believe that love is not blind. Your experience may actually lead you to your conclusion but you might be wrong.

Taking few questions for both sides may actually lead us to the right conclusion, so let see how it goes now!

Love Is Not Blind
  • If love is not blind, how come young and pretty ladies got married to a man already with three wives?
  • If love is not blind, how come a beautiful girl going out with a notorious criminal?
  • If love is not blind, how come will a young handsome man chasing a prostitute and proposing marriage?
  • If love is not blind, how come will a young guy spent so much for a lady that belongs to someone else and believing she may change her mind one day?
  • If love is not blind, how far will you be able to cope with an unfaithful lady/guy in the name of I still love or whatever?

Love Is Blind
  • If you say love is blind, why do you quit your relationship or why are hearts are being broken every day.
  • If actually love is blind, and HIV negative someone can go out there and marry HIV positive patient in the name of love is blind.
  • Taking off your eyes from your man/woman for wrong doing could be because love has no eyes.
  • Love is blind also explains why we take so long to finally see the flaws in those we idealise because of our love, and which means we can end up choosing the wrong person to commit to.
  • The flaws of blindness of love only become apparent after our initial ardour has cooled, allowing previously suppressed brain areas to awaken to the reality of who we find ourselves with the morning after.
According to the four types of love we all come to know (Storge – Affection, Philia – Friendship, Eros – Romance & Agape – Unconditional Love), Agape kind of love is not blind it can never be blinded, philia too is not blind kind of love though it can be fool. But Eros type of love can be regarded as a blind love so also is Storge.
My conclusion here is that Love is actually not blind!

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  1. Agape love means unconditional. This kind of love will love the “unloveable”. So, why do you say, it is not blind.

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