Lip Fillers – Why is everyone Crazy About Them?

Originating from 1990, lip fillers have become more and more popular. Now practically everyone gets lip fillers as it is cool and fashionable. Anyone who has an issue with the way their lips look, maybe they are too thin, have an easy way to get rid of this problem. At an affordable cost, anyone can get fillers these days.

Lip Fillers

We now live in an era where surgeries for cosmetic augmentation are becoming a thing of the past, as new developments have been made, such ashyaluronic acid fillers which can be injected into the lips.

A quick procedure where surgery is not required. Children nowadays are growing up and seeing celebrities do this on a daily basis, which makes them want to do it when they get older, as it is the “norm” now.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a statistics report in which they noted that between the year 2000 and 2019, there was an increase of 71% in people having lip augmentation done. This is a massive increase if compared with the likes of Facelifts which actually dropped by 8% between 2000 and 2019.

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip augmentation is a procedure in which a liquid is injected into your lips to make them look bigger. In most cases people do this to give their lips a bit more shape, make them look a bit fuller, or just to get of a few wrinkles around the lips. This is a non-invasive procedure and does not require a long time for healing.

Hyaluronic acid is found in the body and seems to be the number one filler used for this type of procedure. There are other option of course, such as collagen, and fat injections. Hyaluronic acid is the most natural of these and hence why it is favoured. Unlike the others, the acid filler will not bruise your lips, and will last longer.

How Long do Lip Fillers Last?

The injections can last anywhere from 3 months to 12 months. There are a few variations of hyaluronic acid fillers such as, Volbella and Juvaderm. Both of these last between 6 to 12 months. Because they do not last forever, unfortunately, it is a continuous process of having to get your lips topped up every 6 to 12 months.

Why is There Such a Hype About Fillers?

In the last 15 years, phones have played a huge role in our children’s lives. They are growing up with a phone from the time they start school at the age of five. The internet is something that kids have easy access to also. They follow and subscribe to different models and celebrities which play a huge role in their lives.

Everyone wants to look better, and before this was not something that could be easily achieved. Cost of these small procedures is not too costly that your average person would not be able to afford it.

Watching celebrities on the daily posting about their own surgeries or augmentations they made, makes us want to do the same. They are paid to specifically promote these places, give you discounts and pull you in.

Putting celebrities aside, the cost of fillers is much cheaper than other surgical procedures. Recovery time is minimal, and barely any bruising. Fillers are easily accessible as there are many clinics that carry this procedure out.

Did you know fillers are reversible? Well now you know! This is another reason people go crazy for these, because if it does not go well or they do not like it, they can just reverse it and go back to the way they looked before. It is not permanent.

What side effects are there from lip fillers?

There are not too many compared to what you would get after a surgery. Lip filler procedures only take about 30 minutes and are very much non-intrusive. Side effects are minimal but can occur, such as redness, swelling, and bruising. There may be other side effects such as an allergic reaction, but tests are carried out prior to doing the procedure.

Research needs to be done into the surgeon you are going to, otherwise this could have serious implications for you. Reviews are your best friends in these instances. This is mainly because there are a lot of cases in which people go to get their lips filled and end up having uneven lips.

Not every surgeon does the job well, some just want to make money and are not specifically experts. They may have the qualifications, but it does not mean they have the hand for symmetry.

How Much do Lip Fillers Cost?

Different countries, different prices. Ireland is a much smaller country and therefore their prices would be quite low, prices range between €200 and €400, depending on what you need. In Toronto, prices go up significantly! A clinic in the city will charge roughly $700 for a simple lip filler procedure.

Research is key as advised earlier, because the more expensive clinics could have better service, better reviews, and more experience. It is better to pay more if you know you will receive a good job and have no complaints.

What Happens if You Stop Topping Up After 6 Months?

If you decide you do not want to pump your lips with filler anymore, that is ok! Nothing will happen as your lips will just go back to the way they looked before filler. It is not permanent, and no side effects occur if you stop using it. You can always start the process back up if you change your mind again.

As we can see from the above points, there is a reason why everyone wants to get lip fillers. They are a simple procedure with minimal to no bruising. The procedure is quick and painless.

You can always reverse the fillers if you do not like the way it turned out. It is affordable. You will get much fuller, better shaped lips from the filler. Endless number of reasons why this is the era of lip fillers.

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