Legible And Charming Ways To Be More Approachable To Guys

Legible And Charming Ways To Be More Approachable To Guys

Lots of ladies get this wrong, trying to present yourself in a more charming and clear ways to guys and make them come approach you. If you’ve not been approached by guys in the way you possible think of, chances are that, you’re not presenting yourself in such a way.

But you need not think further right now, as I’m about to show you how you can be legible and charming before guys and make their adrenaline to rush in wanting to just even say hello to you.

Legible And Charming Ways To Be More Approachable To GuysOne things you need to first get out of your head is the fact that, women should just sit and be waiting for the guys to come approaching them without doing anything to boost guys ego in doing that. Any woman that still does that, may not be lucky and she still has to wait for longer time before the lucky guy will show off, and if that will even be possible if the guy has not been enticed to approach other babes that present themselves in more charming way to him.

With that said, let now go into some details of the legible and charming ways to be more approachable to guys.

Please note: being charming and be approachable here is not to present yourself too easy for guys and fall for any dick and harry that comes your way. No! that is not what I’m talking about here.

 Your look is very important

How you look when a guy first spots you in the midst of other girls is one of the very important factors that will get you the guy attention. If you properly dressed and look clean, it will not take long before any guy notice you. The reason is just that of the first appearance he notice about you. So don’t try and dress up as if you have nothing to hide, doing that will only attract one night stand kind of guys into your life every time you dress that way.

Don’t get preoccupied

In trying to be charming and approachable to guy, you must not make yourself look as if you’re busy doing something when you are supposed to relax with a free mind. Trying to make calls, pressing your phones, or trying to read novel in your hand when expecting a guy to approach you will not work in your favour. The reason is just that, he will think to himself that you’re too busy, preoccupied and have no time to listen to whatever he might want to say. Doing things like this, shows that you’re not ready for any kind of conversation with any guy.

Make eyes contact with enticing smile

Your eyes convey so much information that you can’t even imagine at times, and for guys, it is easy for them to read such messages from you especially when your eye contact is not too intense.  So how do you do it here? Just give him that subtle eye contact which can be a slow glance, then follow it with the attractive smile and slowly look away sideways while you’re still smiling. What you’ve just done is that, you’ve shown confidence in a bolder way, telling him to come get you because; you’re interested in his approach.

Give him the chances to walk up to you

Sometimes your place or position where you are when a guy appears may determine if he will summons the courage to come approach you. For instance, if you’re in the midst of other girls, many guy will not come to approach you there, no matter how many signal you send him to come get you.

What you can do to help guys in this way is to give him the opportunities to approach you by walking away from the group. You can just walk away toward the bar man, or toward someone else that might selling or doing some other things that people do go there either to patronize or to just feed your eyes. If you’ve been able to do this, you’ve just done your part and before you know it, he’s already by your side to approach you except if he’s not just interested in approaching girls.

Be respectful to anyone you meet around where you are

Anybody around you should be respected, whether is a waiter, gateman or any kind of persons that are doing some lowly rated job. Show respect to them all and you’ll be surprise that guys are noticing you’re not being rude even to people that other girls will just brush aside to have their ways.

With these few legible and charming ways to be more approachable to guys, you will not get anything lesser than you expected as far as how you want guys to hit on you, I mean great guys not just any kind of guys who possibly are not your type or in the same league with you.

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