Latest Nigerian Ankara Styles and Fashion Design

Latest Nigerian Ankara Styles and Fashion Design

Nigerian fashion has grown overtime beyond what was estimated 10 years ago and the growth is in no way slowing down and new fashion trends keeps coming out every now and then. One clothing material stands out of all the clothing materials used for designing these entire fashion outfits. It’s the Ankara styles, in this post you will find the latest Nigerian Ankara styles presenting trending everywhere within and outside the country.

Not much story or explanation here, just take a look for yourself and judge, decide which one you think is good enough and that you can wear to anywhere, home, work, church and so on. I will be waiting for you at the end of the latest Nigerian Ankara styles and fashion clothing. Don’t forget to let us hear your view using the comment form of Facebook form below, we love to hear from you because that will boost our moral in bringing to you more Ankara styles that are trending in the country.

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  1. My name is Mrs olamide akinbosotu. Am a fashion designer based in ondo and my business name is xteem Palace. Call 08113322278 or 08038656799 if you are interested in learning both English and native wears n u base in ondo town. Thanks. All those clothes are nice ones with individual usage. Keep it up please.

  2. good day Mr Anthony thanks for this wonderful post, its inspiring. am looking to start an Ankara retail store here in Lagos was wondering if you or anyone else reading this could help me with getting these beautiful dresses in wholesale either from the designers, people selling in bulk, or even upcoming designers who want to put their product out for sale. anyone who can help or who wants to showcase their products should contact me on 08057782754,08094203545 or [email protected].
    once again thank you for this post.

    1. You can post them on social networking site that you have registered with.
      You can share them on your Facebook profile and
      You can also advertise your designs on my blog here, you can advertise on Facebook as well.

  3. Hi, I am an undergraduate. I have passion for fashion designing.I have a couple of sketches of my own designs and all I do is pile them up.please is there any fashion school here in Nigeria where I can go and gain knowledge and skills?

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