How To Know A Woman Does Not Worth Your Time

How To Know A Woman Does Not Worth Your Time

It is believable that not every woman will be suitable for you and you don’t have to waste your time with someone who hasn’t show must interest in what you’re trying to build. It is sometimes difficult to know a woman does not worth your time especially if you’re so madly in love with her.

How To Know A Woman Does Not Worth Your TimeYes, I put the words “madly in love” in there because, when you’re madly in love, it will override your sense of reasoning about her worthiness of your time. Love is a gradual thing, if you rush in, you’ll definitely rush out. Take it one step at a time to really understand your woman and have a good assessment of her, if truly she worth your time and effort in making your relationship work with her.

So, how do you identify woman who does not worth your time in relationship.

There are numerous signs that show how women behave and these signs are helpful if only you know how to read them. I know some women can pretend to be good but no matter how they try to hide their true nature, you can always know even from the glimpse they show you occasionally.

Such signs you need to watch out for are pointed below.

  • If a woman does complain lots of times, she might not worth your time except you’re ready to cope with complainant. When she complains too much, it means she’ll pick quarrel with you every time and I don’t think that is best for your relationship. Let her go; don’t try to live with a woman who love complain than appreciation.
  • If a woman has 5 ATM cards in her wallet and yet she complain of no money and asking you to give her money for her upkeeps, then you got to think twice before she use your money to settle her jobless boyfriend outside, and let you build castle in the air.
  • If your woman spends too much time in the bathroom than the kitchen, watch out, you might just be loving someone who consider her beauty more important than your stomach. Push her out and get someone who loves the kitchen than the bathroom.
  • If your girlfriend is self-centred, she only love to share her own part of the story, she want to dominate your discussion with her with her own problem and talk and talk much about herself without even bother to listen  or understand what you’re going through. Just cut ties with her now and let her go elsewhere with her egocentric nature.
  • If your woman is dishonest, she can’t do without lie and letting you to understand its part of her life and to her it mean nothing. Can you really cope with a dishonest woman? Lying is a red flag in any relationship even in just friendship, it is not encouraged. She may have lied to you about her age; maybe she is even older than your eldest sister. Tell her to go learn honesty elsewhere and that you can’t cope with her lie anymore.

As I said there are many signs that show a woman does not worth your time but with these few pointed out above, it can go a long way to help you identify women who does not worth your time and attention.

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