Here Is How To Know A Guy Better Before Falling In Love With Him

Here Is How To Know A Guy Better Before Falling In Love With Him

It doesn’t come easy in the first place when a guy ask you out and you’ll think you can know him better at that period of time. You should understand that guys won’t come to you without putting up their best act, which sometimes is just a façade.

You’ll need to do your assignment in other to know him better before you finally say yes to him, but how do you get to know a guy better before falling in love with him?

You’ll agree with me in the first place that, it is tricky business to really know a guy better and one of the easies approach to get to know him better is to have a conversation with him and from there, your instinct will kick in and you’ll begin to discover something about him.

Here Is How To Know A Guy Better Before Falling In Love With HimBefore the real conversation will start, you’ve got an assignment to do, to actually find out from his back certain information that can give you clips of who really your potential suitor is.

The best place as at now, is checking his social media profile like that of Facebook, twitter, instagram, Google plus and the rest of them. For instance, let assume you’ve known his name and then you take that to Facebook to search for him, if you’re not friend before, send him friend request, he’ll gladly accept your friendship, then the work has just began.

Glance through his conversation with friends online and his photo as well, you’ll get to know his personality and the stuff he’s made of without even meet him. Social media or even blog if he has one can reveal lots of information about a particular person and such move will give you more than enough about him to actually know if he’s your kind of guy you’d fall in love with.

Another approach is to ask common friends about him, don’t go direct asking about him but create an atmosphere where you’ll talk about something relating to him. If you go direct, the information will reach him and he might begin to repackage himself and portray a good image when you meet him.

And now, finally you’re going to meet on the date, and then, what do you need to do to confirm your perceive image about him when you start talking?

1. Ask questions that matter to you and the kind of questions that give him no room hide away from you.

2. Observe him if he has date etiquette, how does he treats you, did he go all out to ensure you’re having a good time with him or he’s just a rough in the diamond.

3. What about his manner, does he has a good manner you can consider good enough for yourself?

4. How about staring at your girly part, if a guy stares at your girly too much, he’s probably seeing you as a piece of meat that he can’t wait to consume rather than a woman that deserves respect. Of course staring at your boob once a while when the conversation is on-going is acceptable and in fact, is flattering. But giving your girly part a very strong stare and even salivating about what he’s seeing is just too bad, that’s not the kind of guy you really need in your life for a good relationship.

 After your first date, what else did you need to know?

Check out how his friends treat him, do his friends treat him with respect or he’s seen as someone that should not be taken seriously. If he can command respect from his friends and if his friends can even brag about him, then he’s the kind of guy that possess all the alpha potentials.

I’m sure with these few pointers; you’ll be able to know him better before you fall in love with him. I can tell you that, this is not all you need because situation can change or the environment may differ but this is just the basic thing that can give you a good idea who exactly the guy asking you out is.

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