All You Should Know about Online Dating in 2020

We live in a digitalized world. That is why meeting new people has never been less problematic. If you are constantly busy but still willing to find your significant other, online dating might be perfect.

about Online Dating

Surely, some dates might be more complicated than quantum physics, but they are an excellent way to learn real social skills. Who knows, maybe after those couple of flirty messages, you might find the love of your life. Everything’s possible!

However, keep in mind that what online dating in 2020 really is about is the first impression. If there is no spark and mutual attraction at the beginning, this date or even online conversation is very likely to fail. Read the article below to find out more about the reality of online dating.

What Dating Apps Are There

As 2020 has brought many unpleasant surprises that demand accepting restrictions such as social distancing, the online world has become a real solution to feel less lonely. Dating apps such as Tinder started to offer some of the exclusive profile options for free during the lockdown to encourage people to spend more time at home. As it has been recommended not to go out, people started to have virtual dates. This breakthrough will surely influence dating trends in the nearer future.

The market offers thousands of dating apps. It mostly depends on your location and preferences when it comes to dating and chatting. To understand the differences more, check our small reviews of 4 dating apps you should either avoid or give a try.


When you read this comprehensive WellHello review, you’ll see that it is surely quite a compelling app to mention. This website allows you to browse possible dates from your location to basically everywhere in the world. This software is used by millions of women who are willing to meet interesting guys either for a one-night stand, nice dinner, or casual dating.

At first, it might seem like a good option, but after using this app for longer, you can see many fake profiles and get thousands of suspicious messages. Do some more in-depth research before downloading it to make sure it is worth your time.


Tinder is commonly used by more than 50 million users around the globe. As this app offers more privacy restrictions and an efficient verification system, we can surely say it is totally worth trying. You can find there men and women looking for having fun, a serious relationship, or a lovely night out. What’s also worth mentioning is that paid options will allow you to chat with users worldwide. As this app has been on the market for over eight years, it is commonly thought to be a go-to dating app amongst younger as well as a bit older generations.


Bumble became popular in the online dating industry because of its innovation. At first, it might seem like a typical app where you swipe through your candidates. But after you get matched, you have only 24 hours to strike up a conversation. The match gets extended if the woman decides to send a message first. In that way, female users can feel more in control of who they are talking to.


This app used to be pretty popular back in 2017, but what happened next? The number of fake accounts started to rise, and it became an unreliable tool for meeting new people. The idea of using this app is similar to Tinder, but you can also set your location to anywhere in the world and talk to people from various countries for free.

Is it worth trying? Somehow it might work for users who are willing to chat with foreigners without additional costs, but still, the safety of using this app is in question.

Watch Out for Catfishes

Let’s talk about the bane of the present times – catfishes. As first impressions are crucial in the dating game, some people decide to excessively beautify their faces to get more likes. There is nothing wrong if someone is just trying to look attractive, but in some cases, photos on dating profiles might not match the exact appearance of the person you want to meet.

There is one simple way of making sure who you are chatting with – a video call. This is a perfect way to meet online and check if the profile is real and also see if there is a spark between you two.

It Might Not Be as Safe as it Seems

Online dating can be dangerous. Why? Because you can know that person only through the internet, not in real life. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to fake your achievements and make you seem like a perfect candidate for dating. In other words, you can’t always fully believe in what you are being told. If you are planning to meet in real life, do it in a public place, and stay cautious.

The Bottom Line

Online dating will become even more popular because the worldwide pandemic is still happening. People are more likely to look for their significant other virtually, which might be a good tendency, especially in times of social distancing. What is crucial about online dating nowadays is the choice. You can look for an app suitable for your needs and preferences.

Still, keep in mind to prioritize your safety and privacy. The internet can be a dangerous place as people can create their profiles as they want to. Nevertheless, don’t give up too fast, but look for suitable dating sites patiently and reasonably, and most importantly – stay safe!

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