How to Keep Her Happy When in Relationship with You

How to Keep Her Happy When in Relationship with You

Every happy and successful relationship has undergone many refining, fine-tuning as well as sacrifices. It is not easy to get use into the life of your girlfriend. You both came from different background and that mean your upbringing has many differences.

How to Keep Her Happy When in Relationship with YouIt is important you know how to keep her happy when she’s in relationship with you. When she’s happy, you’re happy too, and that is when both of you will really enjoy your relationship and begin to think of the future of your relationship.

In this post, you will learn 3 important tips that will help you to keep her happy in relationship with you.

1. Let her know on regular occasion with assurance that you love her

Women generally are moved by what they hear; reassuring your girlfriend regularly of your love will always keep her positive and happy with you. At times, some little thing or disagreement between the two of you may easily upset her and make her be seeing reasons why your love for her should be put under scrutiny. You will need to reassure her that in spite of your ideological differences, you still love her as ever, tell her that even if she’s going to doubt anything about you, she shouldn’t doubt your love for her. This is a very strong statement that will keep ringing in her ear inasmuch as you continue to let her know of it.

2. Ensure you spend quality time with her whenever you’re together.

It is obvious that you will not be staying together inasmuch as you have not gotten married. So, you will be meeting from time to time either in her side or on your own side, and also maybe when you make time out for a date in some special places, where you will have all the time to know one another.

These time you spend must be quality enough to the essence that, she will want more of it. Whenever you’re with her is not the time to start doing things you normally do to enjoy your time when alone. It is not the time to start watching football match especially if she’s not a football fan. It is also not the time to start playing any kind of game that you do play when you are with your friends to while away time.

Your time should be concentrated on her, talking, playing and having fun together; there should never be a dulling moment with her. Play, laugh and tease her and ensure your discussion with her is on vital issues that will help your relationship to grow.

3. Boost her self-confidence.

When a woman falls in love with you, she is vulnerable and your judgment about her most times has many things to do with her self-confidence. So, whatever you do, you need to boost her self-confidence to keep her happy in the relationship. How then can you do this? You can boost her self-confidence by appreciating every little thing she does, by complimenting her, telling her how beautiful she is. Letting her know that she’s the best woman in the whole world as far as you are concern, in anything that she need encouragement, don’t hesitate to encourage her and give her assurance of your support in all she love to do for the growth of the relationship.

I tell you, doing all of these, will always make her feel happy being in relationship with you and you know what that mean to you too, it is all round happiness in your relationship and I’m sure, that is what you desire for your relationship.

Over to you now, what else do you think can make your girlfriend stay happy in relationship with you? I will love to hear you and if there is something you still want me to make clearer about this topic, just make use of the comment form below for your contribution or comment. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends using any of the social media icons below.

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