5 Jewellery Style Tips You Need to Know

You define your look by the clothes you wear, but you uplift it by wearing jewelry that complements your look. And for this magic to happen, you must choose the right jewelry that matches your look. 


Well, as exciting as it sounds, choosing and styling jewelry that complements yourself and your wardrobe is a challenge. There’s so much around to experiment with, from rings to bracelets, gold to pearl, vintage to contemporary, that choosing the right styling jewelry seems a task. And the fact that fashion trends keep on changing further escalates the confusion. So, what should you do?

Don’t panic! We have got you covered. In this blog, we’ve shared 5 of the simplest yet effective jewelry styling tips to spruce up your look in no time. 

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Jewelry Style Tips To Uplift Your Look 

The jewelry you wear speaks a lot about you! Hence, you must choose something that reflects your personality and style. Knowing a few jewelry styling tips can help you choose the right type of jewelry as per your personality. 

1. Experiment With Layering and Stacking 

Wisdom is turning your challenges into opportunities, and that’s what you need to implement when it comes to jewelry styling. Wearing the same type of jewelry may make you look ‘plain.’ So why not try something fun? When you’ve multiple options, why not experiment with them? Experiment with contrasting shapes, lengths, colors, and textures with rings, pendants, bangles, and even earrings. Up your layering game and see what works for you. 

For instance, if you have more than one earpiece, you can try wearing multiple earrings. You can combine studs with dangles or drop earrings based on what goes well with your attire. You can also try layering necklaces by wearing different lengths of necklaces and chains. 

2. Decide The Focal Point for Jewelry 

Where do you want to draw attention to: ears, hands, or neck? Yes, you can make people gaze at a specific body area with the right choice of jewelry. For example, you can complement a bold necklace with more subtle rings and earrings. Or you can wear a plumeria ring or pendant to make your neckline or finger the focal point. 

Choose what the focal point is and make sure clothing and other jewelry don’t detract from it.

3. Go With The ‘Occasion’

Choosing jewelry according to the event or occasion is always in. If you are going to a special occasion, and you bought the most elegant outfit, then you need to incorporate jewelry that complements it.

For example, if you are wearing a dress, wearing jewelry that has shiny stones in different shapes will give a chic touch. It will complement your look perfectly. And if you are going to a casual occasion, you can go for a cuff collar necklace or jewelry with simple stones.

While embellishing your neckline is crucial, do not forget your hands and fingers. You can choose to wear a matching bracelet and one or more rings to complete your look. 

4. Experiment With Your Earrings 

For those who have pieced ears, wearing the same pair of studs for weeks and not changing them seems comfortable. It’s also possible that you barely change them. 

Wearing the same earrings with different attire may make you look ‘basic’. So, you should change your earrings to add style and interest to your look every day. Wearing new earrings every day is a perfect opportunity to give your earrings a good clean!

And you don’t have to go ‘fancy’ every time. Simply wear a variety of small stud earrings every day. Sometimes you can add sparkle with some dangle earrings that match your outfit. 

If you are confused about what to dig through your earrings collection, find something that you haven’t worn in a while. And if you still aren’t convinced with what you have got, you can buy new pairs of earrings that catch your attention instantly. This will add interest and some variety to your collection. 

5. Don’t Stick To Trends

Are you a fashion slave? Do you strictly follow fashion trends? It’s good to follow trends to an extent, but slavishly following fashion isn’t good, that too, at the expense of your personal taste and personality. You will lose yourself eventually, which is above all other expenses.

A better way is to determine and evolve your own style. Figure out what makes your feel confident while making you look more beautiful and chic. 

When choosing jewelry, think about what goes well with your skin tone, frame, and your personal style. Take all these points into consideration when you buy your jewelry the next time.  

Remember, we all are different in our personalities and preferences. Hence, we shouldn’t disregard ourselves when it comes to making any choice. Choose your own style while keeping the trends in mind and allow yourself to shine. 


Trends come and go! And they teach us a lot in terms of fashion. While the tips we’ve shared in this blog or wherever you come across, anyway, are worth trying, never follow anything at the cost of your own style. Try these jewelry hacks, and we’d love to know if you liked them.

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