I’ve learned the hard way to Let Go and this is My Story

“I am letting go. You let go a long time ago, and I have realized that it is time for me to do the same.”

Sometimes it happens that the creator has not kept the person you adore the most in your destiny. Well, that’s just the brighter and simple way to say it but when a heart breaks, it shatters a lot more things than just the heart itself. It takes away your smile, sleep, peace of mind and more than that- your purpose of living for that moment.learned the hard way to Let Go

I was in love- ONCE! Then I learned to let go and this is my story.

I fell in love with the only girl in college who was different from others. She wasn’t the most beautiful one to in my batch but was just the best in her own terms. I didn’t like her initially because she was too quiet and introvert but eventually she opened up to me and we became the best of friends.

Well, how we became friends is a very long story. Cut short, she fell for a guy who was my friend and I helped him introduce to each other. They even dated for about 6 months and I was too happy because we were still friends back then. Things turned my way when they started to have misunderstandings and wanted to part ways. My friend was okay but she wanted someone to talk her out through this phase.

In no time, she was the closest person I had next to me. So close that every person who knew us wanted us to come in a relationship and finally that day came when I proposed to her. Dressed in the best outfit, I proposed her and she said ‘YES’.

That finally completed my life and the feeling of being me!

We graduated and also post-graduated talking about love, life, giving solutions to each others problems and loving each other to the best of the ability. She made my heart skip a beat every time she was around and the way she helped others in acceptance of nothing in return made me fall for her every single day.

Now, my parents wanted me to get married and settled. I was too sure that I have the only person who’d fit in that position and I made the move.

She rejected my proposal!!

All my dreams, aspirations and I fell apart. She wasn’t ready to commit and didn’t want to take it to the next level. I wasn’t able to understand whether it was my mistake or something went wrong from her end. We had all the signs for a long term relationship but it came shattering down.

I tried again and again and again.

It was getting so difficult for me to come out of the trauma that the only person I loved for the last 9 years ditched me in no time. The answer was the same and I kept on trying. However, we were friends before we stepped into this relationship and our common friends on WhatsApp became the mediators for our communication to go on. I still love her and nobody can deny this fact ever.

We were still dating (to be on and off) and it was holiday time. It was Christmas and we all (all the friends and her) met. She looked stunning as ever and took my breath away. She knows how I feel about and keeping that in mind, she invited me home. I was so excited to meet his family and that ray of hope came back in my life.

To my amazement, there was nobody at home when she called me. We made food, had lunch together, shared some intimate moments of hugging, kissing and cuddling with each other.

That’s when her phone rang!

Her phone was closer to me so I stretched out to pick it up. I told her it was a text from some guy. She asked me to read out the text and what came in front of my eyes was just beyond my imagination.

She shared numerous hugs and kisses with the other guy through the night. And, it was going on for the last couple of months. I was curious and went ahead reading the texts they exchanged.

I was done!!

Right in front of my eyes, I was being cheated with the only girl I loved. I acted normal but there was a storm inside me that was raging and pushing my tears to fall down my cheeks. I held onto myself and made coffee with her. She knew something was wrong and then she checked her phone to find out what happened.

She was trying to convince me that it was just a misunderstanding but I had made up my mind.

I booked a cab and left with a goodbye and tears in my eyes.

I left never to return in her life and that was the day when I was done with love. My investment of 9 years was just swiped off with someone else’s entry.

I learned it the hard way but now I let go of all the hatred, sadness and love (for her). This was my story!

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