3 Stunning Island Destinations for A Romantic Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is one of the most important holiday excursions you will take in your life, so you will want to make it as enjoyable and romantic as possible. Beautiful destinations span the globe, and it can be pretty tricky when it comes to choosing the perfect location.

Island Destinations for A Romantic Honeymoon

Islands are often a popular choice as they are often spotted with secluded beaches and romantic resorts. If you are considering a honeymoon in an island paradise, here are 3 of the best places near which to start your married life.


The Republic of the Maldives comprises around 1200 islands that float in the Indian Ocean directly south of India.

The beaches on the islands are postcard-perfect with clear azure water, rows of tropical palm trees, and white sand. Many holiday resorts offer honeymooners their own secluded beach and water villas which are wooden cabins on stilts that stand in the water and offer 360-degree ocean views. These villas are furnished with four-poster beds and luxurious bathroom facilities.

The temperature in the Maldives is pretty much a constant 30 degrees throughout the year, so it will always be a day for swimming in the sea and exploring the magnificent sea life in the crystal clear waters.

The British Virgin Islands

As the name suggests, the British Virgin Islands is a territory belonging to Britain and have Elizabeth II as their monarch. The main islands are Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola and Virgin Gorda. They are situated in the Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico.

The average temperature is 29 degrees Celsius, with highs of 36 and an average rainfall of 1,236 mm in a year.

The islands are known for their stunning scenery, having been formed hundreds of years ago by volcanic activity. A romantic way to explore the delights of places such as Tortola or Anegada would be to charter a yacht or bareboat and sail through the pristine waters to a private oasis where the beach has sugar-soft sand. The waters offer the ideal environment for swimming and snorkeling.

Popular beach destinations are St Thomas, Magens Bay, and Coki Beach. Many of the beaches are lined with huts serving local culinary delicacies and luxurious hotels and cabanas. Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove is a popular hotel for honeymooners as it offers access to sandy beaches, private terraces, many restaurants, a spa, fitness center, and a water sports club.


If you are looking for a destination that is less secluded and out-of-the-way, why not consider Santorini? Famed for its blue-domed churches and whitewashed buildings, this island is one of the world’s most popular locations for weddings and honeymoons.

There are plenty of activities to do in Santorini for those who prefer to be physical rather than lie on a beach. You and your loved one can take a catamaran cruise around the island or opt for a larger vessel and enjoy a lavish dinner while at sea.

If you enjoy walking, you can take a sightseeing hike across to the neighboring island of Nea Kameni, which was formed from the lava and ash spewed from volcanoes over the last million years. The waters surrounding Nea Kameni are warm and full of iron and manganese, and so many visitors appreciate their therapeutic properties.

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