Innovative Methods in Video Creation

The dynamics of video marketing have shifted dramatically, moving away from the conventional realm of TV commercials to embrace the era of concise and contagious videos. Advancements in technology have acted as catalysts, opening doors to a diverse array of captivating formats that captivate audiences in novel and immersive ways.

How can you effectively integrate new video marketing tools, such as templates like TikTok video templates, into your current advertising campaigns? Let’s explore some real trends that have become prominent in video marketing over the past year.

Innovative Methods in Video Creation

Current Formats

Experimenting may involve risks, but the search for new approaches is crucial in rapidly evolving market conditions.

TikTok Style

The relatively new TikTok service has suddenly become an integral part of most people’s lives and is likely to stay. Short, fun videos recorded on phones garner a massive number of views. Well-known TikTokers are rivaling the popularity of YouTube bloggers. Businesses have taken note of the app’s powerful capabilities, and advertising in the form of branded vertical videos created with the best TikTok editing apps is now gaining momentum.


To bring ideas to life, minimal tools are used, with details and effects added in TikTok editing apps. This format has appealed to entrepreneurs as a cost-effective way to create videos. If cost savings are crucial, this option is for you.

Brand Short Films

Their goal is to captivate the audience with unique content to retain their interest. Short films that unfold simple yet cohesive stories containing branded imagery represent a new stage in advertising. The idea is for the story itself to revolve around the product.

Brand short films, created with the help of edit TikTok video, easily spread across social networks, quickly accumulate views, and even develop their fan groups. In today’s competition for viewer interest, this can be a primary tool.

Silent Videos

In the era of constant and rapid content consumption on social media, companies find it increasingly challenging to capture the viewer’s attention. Marketers need to think not only about the quality of the “visuals” and the savvy use of TikTok video editors but also about the content of the videos and the user experience during viewing.

According to surveys conducted by the global leader in marketing research Nielsen, up to 75% of users watch mobile advertising videos without sound. Half of users prefer watching videos with subtitles or enable this feature on the platforms they use. A Facebook study showed that videos with subtitles increase the likelihood of purchasing the advertised product by approximately 40%.

Incorporating trends into your development plan will allow your company to stand out among competitors and achieve goals that were once considered unattainable.

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