Easy ways to improve your home with plumbing updates

Plumbing is an important element for any household. And whether you are looking for a buyer or selling your house is an option you would consider in the future, upgrading, repairing, or updating the plumbing system is an excellent way of improving the home’s value. Professional plumbers will be able to revamp the whole system and give it a totally new look.

 improve your home with plumbing updates

A common selling point is usually bathrooms and kitchens, so you want to make sure that these areas are presentable and updated. Even if you spend a hefty amount on the new improvements, the return on investment will likely be considerably high. To that end, below is a quick rundown of ways to improve your how through plumbing updates.

Substitute old toilets for new ones

Substitution old toilets is not only a way of improving your home, but also a great way of saving water since old-school tiolets use a lot of it to flush. Having new stylish toilets also improves the appearance and will go better with the current aesthetic. In fact, it gives you an opportunity to choose an option that perfectly compliments your space. The best part is that you can even get a custom toilet to match your needs and desires.

Inasmuch as saving water and having a trendy bathroom is important, comfort should also be one of your priorities. So if you decide to buy a new toilet, make sure to choose a shape and height that you are comfortable with. It has to be something that the whole family will enjoy and be comfortable using. You can request a free estimate from jlwagnerplumbing.com if you need top-quality plumbing services. 

Upgrade your pipes

There are high chances that the current water pipes in your home are galvanized, which makes them pron tp internal corrosion. This in turn affects your water by altering the taste and even making it a health hazard if the water is regularly consumed. In addition, corrosion will create a build-up inside the pipes clogging them up and possibly causing them to burst. 

Replacing them with copper pipes will help prevent that and increase the safety of water consumption in your household. You can also consider insulating them to avoid frozen pipes especially during winter, which is a major problem. 

Install a water heater

It is important that you ensure to install a water heater that works efficiently. Imagine being stuck with a non-functional water heater in the middle of the winter. If you have an older water heater, then ensure frequent maintenance to avoid sediment fill-ups that take up water space. Over the long run, a lot of sediment will end up incapacitating your water heater.

If you are planing to completely replace you old water heater, you might want to opt for a large unit that can handle more appliences like a dishwasher. To avoid hot water limits, a tankless water heater is a great option given that it heats the water as it gets used. 

Upgrade your faucets

Replace your faucets with the trendiest designs, eg the pull-out ones. These are easy to operate and can be used for different purposes, for instance, filling pots and bowls, washing dishes, and cleaning the sink, etc. The best part is that this kind of upgrade is not costly but greatly adds to the utility of your kitchen. And this does not apply only to the kitchen, you should also consider upgrading the faucets in your bathroom.

Think of value-adding features

If you want to improve the value of your home, you will also need to consider incorporating value-adding features. For instance, adding a laundry room or even an additional bathroom will make life easier, which is largely an improvement of your home value. Adding an extra bathroom is also a great excuse to add fancy items like smart toilets, heated flooring, and whirlpool tub, etc.

When it comes to adding a laundry space, it can be as compact as you need it to be since you have the option to stack up the washer and dryer. Moving these items to their space is also a way of decluttering the house.

Take home

There’s nothing that beats that feeling of homeownership, but there is more satisfaction when its value increases in price. With enough maintenance and care, you are assured of stable appreciation of your homestead. So plumbing is not just about replacing the piping systems or toilets, etc, it is as equally important as giving the property a facelift. 

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