Important Urine Color Indicators To Determine How Healthy You Are

Do you know your urine color can tell how healthy your body is? Most people are aware of this I am sure. But it is doubtful many people are aware there are different variations of urine color and most of them are the result of what we eat.

urine color

So it is not always the case a strange urine color is an indication of a sick body. It is just the body expelling the unwanted colors in the food we ate. Which literally means your kidneys are working very well in that case.

However, sometimes, it is true that strange urine color is clear indication one is not well. And you might do well to pay attention to it to see if it disappears after a day or two; or it is a recurring situation. In which case you just have to go see the doctor for a good medical checkup.

If you want to know what different urine colors mean when you look at your urine, then you are in the right place; just read on to find out.

Normal Urine color

urine colorBefore we get into all shades of urine colors and what they tell us about our health, I think it is only normal we have a bit of clarity what normal urine color is.

Most of us know the normal urine color is yellow, or a variation of yellow of which the most popular is amber. Like I said earlier, the color is mostly determined by the foods we eat, certain beverages we drink and of course if we are sick.

Urochrome is the pigment responsible for giving us the healthy yellow to amber urine color. A dark amber , which some people might call brown, shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. This just means that your body is not getting enough water. The simple solution to that, instead of rushing to the doctor, is to drink more water.

At the extreme end of the spectrum of normal urine color, is clear urine. The sort that is as colorless as water. This indicates your body is properly hydrated with water and is also not a cause for alarm.

But a note of warning here: taking too much water also produces very clear urine. However, too much water leads to water intoxication and is harmful to the health.

And it is known that one of the signs of diabetes, which can be mistaken for having adequate water in the body, is increase in urination without taking enough water. The urine color of a diabetic is also clear.

Urine Color and what they Indicate

urine colorThick syrupy ale brown Рthis is easily confused with a dark shade of amber. To make the distinction clearer, in this case, apart from the color, the urine is also syrup-like in quality. As for the color, it looks like your typical  dark malt drink.

A urine color like this is a clear indication that the individual is severely dehydrated. Drinking enough water should resolve the problem.

But persistent dark ale color, even after drinking water, could be an indication of a disease. Seeing the doctor is recommended.

Red or Pinkish urine color – if you have eaten beets or blueberries recently, then you need not be concerned, as these can give the urine a reddish or pink hue. urine colorIt could also mean you have blood in your urine.

At one end of the health-implication scale, it could mean nothing and would just disappear after a couple of days. But at the other end of the scale, this could be a sign of kidney disease, urinary tract infections, prostate problems, tumors or some other thing.

You should seek complete medical check up to see what is wrong with you. Because, there is something definitely wrong for a persistent reddish or pink color in the urine.

Orange color – this can also be just a shade of amber-colored clear urine. Drink water to clear it. But it won’t be a bad idea to see a doctor for a persistent orange urine color.

urine colorBlue or Greenish – this is very rare and abnormal. This kind of urine color is almost always down to something we must have eaten or medications with special dyes in them.

So if what you ingested contained blue or greenish dye, your urine is going to appear that way as the body expels the useless dyes from the system. This should clear up after a day or two especially if you stopped ingesting these foods or medicines.

Almost always, the first sign something is seriously wrong with the body is reflected in the color of the urine. So it is always advisable to seek medical attention when something unusual is noticed about the color of the urine.

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