How To Identity Deception In Your Relationship And What To Do Next

How To Identity Deception In Your Relationship And What To Do Next

Trust and intimacy can be built in a relationship when both partners are honest to each other. Everyone who genuinely enters into a relationship will always value honesty and it’s not something to be negotiated.

Trust is so much important in every relationship that the lack of is the beginning of the relationship breakdown. In trusting, both partner must be totally be opened and honest to one another, no information is considered to be hidden from the other person.

It is only when one of the partner in a relationship start to hide secret or withhold information from the other person, that the trust in the relationship is being violated.

How To Identity Deception In Your Relationship And What To Do NextBut researches show that most of us if not all of us tell lies at least once in a day or a week. Of course, this lies may be small and seem harmless or it may be big and cause serious argument, but a lie is a lie. Even the smallest and harmless lies when it’s become frequent may cause great discomfort in the relationship.

Whatever might be the reason why we tell lie, we must know that, it can only safe our face for a little while but one day, even if lie travel for years, the truth will surface.

But can you tell if your partner is telling you lie in your relationship?

The truth is that, there’s no one particular sure-bet that will always indicate a person is hiding the truth from you. But there are some identifiable behavioural patterns that will give you the clue, that the person is hiding something from you.

So, if you see any of these signs below being repeated, you may not be far from the truth. Women are even better at detecting lies than men; women are tend to be able to pick up on nonverbal clues and messages that portray signs of deception.

Here are some signs to watch out for, signs which can give you an idea if your partner is lying to you

If your partner try to dodge or becomes evasive

This is a sign that you should look out for, when your partner try to brush aside what you want to know. It is a way to covering what’s on ground with something else. Some partner might not want to say anything other than “I don’t know”. Your partner may not want to lie outrightly and that’s why he or she will try to avoid telling you the truth and look for something to covers it up.

This clue is very useful especially when your partner does not behave in such a way before. It makes it easier for you to suspect something is being hidden from you.

Body sign or body language

Another way to detect a partner is lying to you is through their body talk. The mouth will be conveying their message but the body is in denial, it does not confirm with the message being true. This happens to many people on many occasion, both the body and the mouth will never be in sync.

Except where your partner doesn’t always look into your eyes, liar will always avoid eye contact and in most cases, the eyes are always dilated (wide open) and blink more frequently. He or she may perfect the messages but everything about the body is reacting negatively to what is being said by the mouth.

Check the speaking patterns

Often times, when people are lying, their speaking patterns is always irregular, they commit lots of grammatical error, sleep of tongue, they stutter and speak even in higher pitch in other to be real but you can easily spot it if you just calm down and allow them do their lie.

Your partner may even cover the mouth and the tone of voice with the facial expression will be mismatched.

What then do you do, if you suspect your partner is lying to you?

First of all, you need to first understand the possible reason why your partner lies, this is as important as the content of the secret or the reason behind the deception.

The next thing you need to do is to have a conversation with your partner, a kind of trust chat. Ensure you pick a good time when there will be no any kind of obstruction from anyone, TV or any other activities.

Go to him or her without harbouring any kind of judgement in your mind and talk to your partner about trust, honesty and secrecy. Let your concern be known by him or her and allow him/her to responds. What you’ll hear and the other reactions from him/her could give you lots of information that will help to address the issue.

This approach will help put your relationship back on the right track if dishonesty is trying to ruin your relationship.

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