How To Win Close Up Loves Naija Contest With Pictorial Guide

This competition is still much more alive and that is why I have decided to share with you guys the easiest way to upload your own version of close up loves naija song and how to get more like on your facebook, because the more likes you get, the better your chances of winning. Once you’ve completed the registration, you will be given a link and that link is what anybody will click on to be able to vote for you. You can give your friends on facebook and tell them to vote for you and also tell them to share it on their facebook wall, with this you will get more “facebook likes” and get to the top of other contestant
How To Win Close Up To vote for the version you like best, log on to Close Up Facebook Fan Page and select your favorite, to stand the chance of winning movie tickets or recharge cards and if you think, you can do better, simply upload your own version of the close up song and get your friends to like it. If you upload your own version of the song, you will not only get the chance to win amazing prizes, you also sing alongside some of the biggest names in the Nigerian music industry, in front of thousands of Nigerians. Be sure to check out their Facebook page, to join in some of the activities including Tuesday Love Notes, Tip of the day and Name the artiste for your chance to WIN, WIN, WIN & WIN more!

Follow Me As I’m Going To Show You Pictorial Guide For Easy Registration And Submission of Your SongFirst, you will go to Close Up facebook fan page and click on “LIKE”, you can do that HERE after the like, you be shown this pictorial

How To Win Close Up

Secondly, on the page where you will be shown, you can either click on any of the options available for you depending on where you decided to go. Options includes: submit your song, listen to music, top 10 submissions and all submission. If you have your song ready, click on submit your song. This is the pictorial diagram that you will see when you do that.

How To Win Close Up

Thirdly, on “The submit your song” page in the pictorial diagram above, click on “to upload your song; please click here”, when you do that, you will be taken to the next page. See the pictorial diagram for the next page below

How To Win Close Up

Here just upload your picture (Use picture that your friends will be able to recognise when they look at, otherwise they might not see you clearly and pass your vote to another person), and click on upload. With that you will be taken to another page where you be asked to fill your entry form, after filling the entry form, click on submit. See diagram as sample below.

After the submission of your entry form, you will be asked to submit your Music. See diagram for the upload your music below

 I hope this is helpful enough, it is my prayer that you emerge as one of the winner of this year CloseUp Naija Content.
If you’re are successful with the registration, come back here and share your view or if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to use the comment form below to let me know. Feel free to share your link here as well for others to help you for the voting and sharing it on our facebook fan  page and that will give you more likes and more likes mean you’re winning.

For Term & Conditions For The Contest Click Here

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