IF you need to unlock your ZTE Modem please drop your email address to that I can mail you with the software including the pictoria step by step on how to unlock it by yourself. It cannot be unlock by sending only your IMEI 15-Digits number, it has to be physically handled. The price is just N200 Airtel recharge card only.
For HUWEI Mode please read the below method.
Good news! Your 3G modem of any network can be converted to a universal modem, being it Etisalat, Airtel Data Card, MTN Fastlink, or Glo. The secret has been exposed, if you have any of the 3G modem, you can use every other network SIM card to do your browsing after you unlock it.  This gives you an opportunity to switch to any of the network that offers affordable data package prices. For example as at the time of writing this good news, N500 daily data package (24hrs) for Etisalat is just 50MB while that of MTN with the same N500 daily data package will give you 150MB. You can compare other networks as well, put them on the scale and choose the best one for yourself, you don’t need to waste your money buying other network 3G modem, may be because of one network problem, all you have to do is just remove the SIM and replace it with other network SIM of your choice.

Here is how to unlock.

Whenever you want to unlock any modem, just input the IMEI number of the modem into the IMEI tab on the software and then click on ‘calculate code’. It will automatically generate the ‘Unlock Code’ and ‘Flash Code’. Copy the 8 digit unlock code on a notepad. The next thing to do is, insert any other network SIM card e.g. Etisalat SIM into your modem e.g. MTN modem, and plug in your modem into your PC USB port. You will be asked to enter your unlock code simply because you are using a different SIM from the modem. Enter the unlock code that was generated by the Huawei Modem Unlocker and your modem will be unlocked automatically.
To browse the internet with that different SIM e.g Etisalat SIM on MTN modem, you will need to create a profile for Etisalat internet settings on your MTN modem. To do this, click on ‘Tools’, followed by ‘Options’, then click on ‘Profile management’ and click on ‘(new)’. Input the Etisalat internet settings as written below.


Profile Name: Etisalat
APN: etisalat
Access Number: *99#
User Name and Password: You can leave them blank (empty)
After typing in the settings above, click on ’save’ or ‘ok’. Go back to the initial page that comes up when you click on the modem icon on your PC desktop. Select the name you used in saving the Etisalat settings, then click on connect. You should be browsing with your Etisalat SIM on MTN modem now.
These are the settings for other GSM networks.


Profile Name: GLO
Access Number: *99#
APN: glogwap OR glosecure
PASSWORD: wap OR gprs
USERNAME: wap OR gprs


Profile Name: MTN
Access Number: *99#


Profile Name: AIRTEL
Access Number: *99#
User Name: internet
Password: internet
What I am after here is to ensure your Hauwei USB modem MTN, GLO, ETISALAT or AIRTEL browses with any other network.
If you are having any difficulties with unlocking your internet modem, it is either that you do not have the software or you don’t know how to use the software. That’s not a big deal anyways.
Well! I can help out with a token that won’t tear your pocket.
If you think you can’t afford this price, get your modem’s IMEI number and paste it in the comment form below, I will calculate the UNLOCK CODE for you and reply you with your code using the same comment form below.
If you do not use the comment form on my blog (, I might not be able to do it for you. So, kindly adhere to the instruction.
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  1. Pls help to unlock my modem, my IMEI No is 356152487643245. I will be glad if you did.

    1. pls i have tried using the hauwie gave me the unlock code and the flash code but wen i tried putting it the indicated wrong code and now its demanding for RCK code..pls what should i do

      1. I seem not to understand what you’re saying here, which one is RCK, what type of modem is it, and how do you calculate the code?

  2. Mr anonymous, this is your unlocking code; 39004124. Follow the instructions above. Thanks for visiting.

  3. i use etisalat modem zte mf180s.i have tried like your clues but it didn’t work.when i inserted the other gsm card,there is no code request.

  4. pls help me unlock this imei 356420046497160 model is mf110. thank u…… this is your unlock code 40419037

  5. RE:pls help me unlock this imei 356420046497160 model is mf110. thank u…… this is your unlock code 40419037…………..please my modem is zte not hauwei, n d code seems rather short. kindly confirm the code for my imei…thanx

  6. RE:pls help me unlock this imei 356420046497160 model is mf110. thank u…… this is your unlock code 40419037 …………..PLEASE I AM USING A ZTE MODEM(NOT HUAMEI)AND THE CODE SEEMS TO BE RATHER SHORT, PLEASE KINDLY RECONFIRM THE CODE FOR ME ,…… THANX

  7. hi, i am frank,i in Calabar,. i wish to unlock my etisalat modem because i the network is too slow. i visited their office and i was told they dont have a 3G network yet in Calabar.
    modem type:ZTE cooperation.
    model:MF631 HSUPA
    My mail is [email protected]
    pls help me out of this frustration

  8. Anthony Adeokun


    This is your unlock code 50485162 Mr anonymous with pls my imei no is 356342040359594.
    This is your unlock code 48541290 Mr anonymous with pls help me to unlock this imei 357037039111290 model is mf626.
    This is your unlock code 63108376 Mr anonymous that said…MR ADETONY, COULD U PLS HELP ME UNLOCK THIS MTN FASTLINK MODEM? 354638047266712.
    This is your unlock code 48712407 Mr anonymous….. Can some one pls help with to unlock my model imei:3519-1104-4623-547 i will be so great full pls u can help me send the unlock code to this email [email protected].
    This is your unlock code 40315618 Mr anonymous….. Tnx in anticipation. My IMEI is 357133036016002.
    This is your unlock code 52311734 Mr anonymous….. Pls can u help me unlock my modem?my imei number is 356420046630141.
    Thank you all.

  9. Anthony Adeokun

    I’m sorry Dominic I cannot unlock ZTE modem without physically handling it, if it is Hauwei model, it could have been easier. For ZTE unlock, you will have to lay your hand with the software and instruction on how to unlock it. If you need it contact me and I will tell you what is require though not free anyway.
    Peace and Love!

  10. Greetings Anthony Adeokun, what will be the cost of fully unlocking ZTE MF 192 modem. It’s relatively new in the market. So cost?

  11. Drop your mail so that I can send the software and the pictoria guide on how you can unlock your ZTE MF 192 modem. It will cost you only N200 airtel recharge.

  12. Pls help to unlock my modem, model: Mf192 ,zte corporation,orange, my IMEI No is 353874044153410. I will be glad if you did.

  13. I don’t really get your question. If your modem is not huwaei or ZTE, i dont think I can be of assistance here, but if it is any of the above type of modem, paste your imei number here and let me unlock it for you when I visit here again, and if you can’t wait send it to my number that is up there right away, you will get your unlock code, if you want to send it to me, don’t forget to send your recharge card as well, if not, I will not response to you.
    Thanks for dropping your comment here

    1. Anthony Adeokun

      @ Amusa Olusegun, your unlock code is 38768457, this will only work if your modem is Huawei model


    pls sir help me with unlock code for my glo huawei modem model :E160G with IMEI:359390029896448 THANKS

    1. Anthony Adeokun

      Hi Oderinde Taoreed, here is your unlock code; 39437622. It will work inasmuch as your modem is huwei modem.

  15. Pls when I plug in my huwai etisalat modem into the system it dosent request for a code what do I do so it cld request for a code…I have d software that gives me d code 2 any imei code

    1. Anthony Adeokun

      Your modem is not huwei then, maybe it’s ZTE, You may need another software to unlock ZTE modem, it’s different from huwei software

  16. James N. Moorre

    Sir/ Madam please help me unlock my MTN modern this is IMEI NUMBER IMEI869604006755887

    1. Anthony Adeokun

      This modem cannot be unlock with software I have with me right now. I guess this MTN E303

      1. Pls i want to confirm if the software will work for etisalat modem including with the unlock code, if yes please reply then i will send you my IMEi with recharge card to enable you forward the software for me, thanks.

  17. Please are the above profile settings for GLO applicable to its 3.5G network or are there other profiles for such. Thanks as always.

  18. Pls sir, am used etisalat usb modem, can i used another sim card on and it will work with help of your software and unlock code, kindly reply me here, [email protected] then i send u d recharge card before u send me d software with instruction on how to used it, thanks.

    1. Anthony Adeokun

      It depend on your kind of etisalat modem, if it’s huewei that its IMEI number start with 35xxxxxxxx, yes it can be unlock by my software but if it’s start with other numbers, it cannot be unlock by the software i have with me.
      If your modem is ZTE, it can also be unlock by another software with me with full details on how you can unlock it for yourself. so, check your modem and know the model that is made from.

  19. adegboyega david

    Pls, sir….kindly help me to unlock my mtn fastlink modem with IMEI 865156017261193.

    1. Anthony Adeokun

      This modem cannot be unlock, its the new mtn modem that can’t be unlock with the software I have with me.

  20. please sir help me with unlock code of my modem here is the imei no:861195002512362 thank u

    1. This modem cannot be unlock, the one that start with 35 gidit is the one my software can be unlock.

    1. Hi Olu, the type of sofware I have cannot unlock any modem with IMEI numbers that do not with 35******

    1. Sofware that I have can’t unlock modem with IMEI number starting with 86**********, it work best with the one of 35********

    1. ZTE modem cannot be unlock by proxy, you have to handle it by yourself to unlock it. You will need to have the software and do it by yourself.

      1. Please Airtel sib card doesn’t work on MI Airtel modem 3g, what can I do it say sib card undetected or invalid, that I shuuuud register it, imei no is 860872017413098

  21. please Sir help me to unlock this IMEI: 865456012315774 model:E3131As-2 and have tried this Unlock Code = 45154477 Flash Code= 52016078

  22. please again I have used a software huawei unlock modem which gave me the above code but with no success please help me

    1. Huawei software you’re talking about cannot unlock modem with IMEI number starting with 8654*******, you will need another type of unlock modem software which I don’t have with me. The software you have can only unlock modem with IMEI numbers that start with 35******

  23. I want you to please help and unlock my hauwei modem for me the details are below
    Sn= N5E5TA92C1421750
    please i try this code but it dose not work 47367199

  24. God bless ur handiwork Sir….. I wanna unlock my glo modem with IMEI no: 352836031002687 S/NO: DL4CAA19C2103665…. Thanks

    1. I can only unlock modem that has IMEI number that start with 35*******, this your type can’t be unlocked by my software.

  25. I have my unlock code but t doesnt seen to work or show any unlock pop up menu. Advice needed thanks

    1. What is the maker of your modem, and what number did the IMEI start from?Some modem are stubborn this days, that’s the nature of modem they are now making so that people will not find it easy to unlock.

  26. Sir,
    Thank you a lot for the unlock code. Unfortunately, my Huawei modem (model E220) doesn’t ask for a code when I change sim card. ‘Use correct sim’, appears on the connect check box. How can I unlock model E220?
    Thank you.

    1. Then you may need another software to unlock your modem, may be you’ll need to search further on how to unlock modem of model E220. If it is ZTE modem now, I could have offer another help but for E220, there is nothing I can do for now.

  27. Please sir am very pleased to read all you’ve been doing here, I have a 3network dongle but seems its locked but I also stumbled on my old mtn modem, please kindly assist me to unlock it, its imei is: 357133038958318 and its a Huawei model E156G….. Thank you, you can also help post it to my email [email protected].

    1. Hi Braun, glad that you’re able to find your old MTN modem of huawei model. This is your unlock code; 65580261.

    1. Search further on the net, there are some other guys that unlock that, though it costly, you may have to buy credit not like mtn or glo or airtel credit but the credit is from one online merchant that I can’t remember their name now. Just search further on the internet and you’ll find them

    1. Hi precious, I can’t unlock modem with IMEI number that start with 86xxxxxxx, if you have the one that start with 35xxxxxxx, bring it and let me unlock it for you.

  28. Can samebody please help me unlock this MTN F@stlink modem
    model: E3131s-2
    my email: [email protected]
    Cell: +260966999909
    ” “:+260955999909 please help.

  29. Sir i’ve seen your reply to other comments, it looks conspicuous that day have smiles on their faces.
    Pls i also need help in unlocking my airtel modem.
    The IMEI no. Is 860872017375867
    s/n.: Is ADABYA9380703300
    model: Huawei E173 (3G modem).
    Thank you & God bless.

    1. You’re modem is among the modem that cannot be unlock with the software I have. I can only unlock modem that it IMEI no start with 35xxxxxxxx

  30. Plz sir, dis is my IMEI(356342040392058). Am using airtel modem. I’ll b very grateful if u can get me my unlock code. I await ur reply. tnx

    1. ZTE Modem can only be unlock when physically handle, there is no way I can do that from my end here. You’re the one that can do it from your end when you have the software.

    1. Sorry I can’t unlock modem with this type of your IMEI number, the one I unlock start with 35xxxxxxxxxxx

  31. good day
    good day How to unlock zte mf190 hsupa modem for free? I want it to work with any sim
    not just one operator sims

  32. Hi Anthony,
    Please help with unlock code for ZTE MF192 Modem IMEI 353874042314915
    Thank you and God bless

    1. Ojay I can’t because the IMEI number start with 86XXXXXXX, if it was the one that start with 35XXXXXXXXX, that could have been easier.

        1. hi, mine is airtel huawei, i used a software called Universal Master code, but when i used the calculation (52282580)it gave me i was told it was incorrect..pls help, i have tried five times already
          Modem Type: Airtel Huawei Modem
          IMEI :867612005779735

          1. This type of modem will require some special ways of unlocking it which I don’t have now, I only unlock modem with IMEI numbers that start with 35XXXXXXXXXXX.
            Search further online where you will be ask to use credit to unlock it. Please note that, the credit is not that type of mtn or airtel type but some special online credit. Just search for it and you will understand.

  33. Pls i hv tried to unlock my airtel broadband modem but it have been giving me headache. Bt i will text d imei no 2moro. Tnx

      1. Please bro help me unlock dis moderm etisalat model:E367U-1 IMEI:353612042019674 S/N:V8H5TA1140101535

  34. Good afternoon mr. Victor, pls me help to unlock my model to universal. Dis is my IMEI 353474025106386
    I will be glad if request Is favourably answer. Thanks!

  35. My modem is Huawei ec156
    MEID : A000003372412F
    ESN : 8018C653
    IMSI : 404001625712246
    Serial number : A4G9MA1213009363
    Hardware version : CE1EC156M
    Firmware : TCPU_HWEC156DT01
    help me to unlock it

  36. Hello gud day sir! Here is my mtn fast links , pls help me with the unlock code
    Imei: 356181043443645
    Ean : 6934933022065

          1. Today I tried it with Airtel sim but code was not working.., don’t know how to go about . wish u can help me out

          2. Then you need to search further on google and mention your modem name as the keyword you’re searching for.

  37. Hello bro pls help me with this Mtn. Mf 190 ,i want to unlock it bro ,God bless u

  38. imei 867612004642843 thank u.I did try this unlock code but did not open 63267468,flash code 58154423

  39. Hi I have a etisalat USB device and below is the IMIE number
    can you please send me the unlock code
    IMIE no: 3555 13041 4022 75
    THanks in advance.

  40. Muhammad Afifuddin

    Can you give unlock code of my ZTE MF100 Etisalat modem with IMEI 35316404161637882…??

  41. Hi, i am having ZTE -MF190 modem & using TATA DOCOMO, Now i want to switch over to another network , I was trying to unlock, universal unlocker , just it was genrating some code , whare it has to use,, pls guide me,,,
    thank u

  42. pls help me how can i find that software so that i can unlock my modem IMEI 8617370072522930,plz help i dont no wher to start.

    1. Antonnie, modem that start with IMEI No: 86XXXXXX are not unlock freely, I don’t have the software but if you want to unlock it, you may have to pay for the credit which they collect in dollars, if you want me to help you do this, you will pay me N500 (Five hundred naira) through recharge card and then send me your modem model and the IMEI No. Thanks

        1. modem that start with IMEI No: 86XXXXXX are not unlock freely, I don’t have the software but if you want to unlock it, you may have to pay for the credit which they collect in dollars, if you want me to help you do this, you will pay me N500 (Five hundred naira) through recharge card and then send me your modem model and the IMEI No. Thanks

  43. Hi there Anthony,

    I have a ZTE MF195E with IMEI 866028011500075.
    Could I maybe receive an Unlock Code ? :D:D

    Best regards,

  44. please help me unlock my vodafone Mobile broadband moderm and send the code for me please.

  45. Please boss, my etisalat MODEM IMEI IS 861195004548851 can you help me with the code?
    Thanks in advance!

  46. Good morning Anthony,

    Please help me to unlock my modem. The number is 866840015428206

    Thanks and God bless.

  47. pls help me with the unlocking code her is my IMEI ( 869604000371996 ) .. GOD BLESS YOU , IT’S MTN MODEM

    1. Modem that its IMEI no start with 86XXXXXXXXXX are not easy to unlock unlike the one that start with 35XXXXXX. You may search further online how to unlock such modem and if you want me to unlock it for you, in which I will have to pay the people that unlock it online, you will have to pay N5000 and I will help you get in touch with them.

  48. Good Morning sir please am using a Huawei Modem here is my IMEI No: 864751012762532 please here me with its unlock code God bless you

  49. Can somebody please help me unlock this MTN F@stlink modem
    model: E3131s-2
    Could you send me the software so i can unlock the modem?

  50. Hey Anthony, is the any news for me on that code pretty please!
    Im desperate, had spend so many time find a solution…

    1. Your IMEI: 352374041337489
      Your unlock code; 59568292
      If it doesn’t work for you, you need to find it else where

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