IF you need to unlock your ZTE Modem please drop your email address to that I can mail you with the software including the pictoria step by step on how to unlock it by yourself. It cannot be unlock by sending only your IMEI 15-Digits number, it has to be physically handled. The price is just N200 Airtel recharge card only.
For HUWEI Mode please read the below method.
Good news! Your 3G modem of any network can be converted to a universal modem, being it Etisalat, Airtel Data Card, MTN Fastlink, or Glo. The secret has been exposed, if you have any of the 3G modem, you can use every other network SIM card to do your browsing after you unlock it.  This gives you an opportunity to switch to any of the network that offers affordable data package prices. For example as at the time of writing this good news, N500 daily data package (24hrs) for Etisalat is just 50MB while that of MTN with the same N500 daily data package will give you 150MB. You can compare other networks as well, put them on the scale and choose the best one for yourself, you don’t need to waste your money buying other network 3G modem, may be because of one network problem, all you have to do is just remove the SIM and replace it with other network SIM of your choice.

Here is how to unlock.

Whenever you want to unlock any modem, just input the IMEI number of the modem into the IMEI tab on the software and then click on ‘calculate code’. It will automatically generate the ‘Unlock Code’ and ‘Flash Code’. Copy the 8 digit unlock code on a notepad. The next thing to do is, insert any other network SIM card e.g. Etisalat SIM into your modem e.g. MTN modem, and plug in your modem into your PC USB port. You will be asked to enter your unlock code simply because you are using a different SIM from the modem. Enter the unlock code that was generated by the Huawei Modem Unlocker and your modem will be unlocked automatically.
To browse the internet with that different SIM e.g Etisalat SIM on MTN modem, you will need to create a profile for Etisalat internet settings on your MTN modem. To do this, click on ‘Tools’, followed by ‘Options’, then click on ‘Profile management’ and click on ‘(new)’. Input the Etisalat internet settings as written below.


Profile Name: Etisalat
APN: etisalat
Access Number: *99#
User Name and Password: You can leave them blank (empty)
After typing in the settings above, click on ’save’ or ‘ok’. Go back to the initial page that comes up when you click on the modem icon on your PC desktop. Select the name you used in saving the Etisalat settings, then click on connect. You should be browsing with your Etisalat SIM on MTN modem now.
These are the settings for other GSM networks.


Profile Name: GLO
Access Number: *99#
APN: glogwap OR glosecure
PASSWORD: wap OR gprs
USERNAME: wap OR gprs


Profile Name: MTN
Access Number: *99#


Profile Name: AIRTEL
Access Number: *99#
User Name: internet
Password: internet
What I am after here is to ensure your Hauwei USB modem MTN, GLO, ETISALAT or AIRTEL browses with any other network.
If you are having any difficulties with unlocking your internet modem, it is either that you do not have the software or you don’t know how to use the software. That’s not a big deal anyways.
Well! I can help out with a token that won’t tear your pocket.
If you think you can’t afford this price, get your modem’s IMEI number and paste it in the comment form below, I will calculate the UNLOCK CODE for you and reply you with your code using the same comment form below.
If you do not use the comment form on my blog (, I might not be able to do it for you. So, kindly adhere to the instruction.
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  1. pls help me with the unlocking code her is my IMEI ( 869604000371996 ) .. GOD BLESS YOU , IT’S MTN MODEM

    1. Modem that its IMEI no start with 86XXXXXXXXXX are not easy to unlock unlike the one that start with 35XXXXXX. You may search further online how to unlock such modem and if you want me to unlock it for you, in which I will have to pay the people that unlock it online, you will have to pay N5000 and I will help you get in touch with them.

  2. Good Morning sir please am using a Huawei Modem here is my IMEI No: 864751012762532 please here me with its unlock code God bless you

  3. Hey Anthony, is the any news for me on that code pretty please!
    Im desperate, had spend so many time find a solution…

    1. Your IMEI: 352374041337489
      Your unlock code; 59568292
      If it doesn’t work for you, you need to find it else where

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