How to run Facebook Ad in Naira successful

How to run Facebook Ad in Naira successful

I guess Facebook is aware of the challenges Nigerian are facing as regard to the limitation of how much $$$ (dollars) you can spend in a day with your ATM Master Card Online.

From this month, June 2016, you can only spend $100 in a day with your ATM Card, according to the information I have gotten from the banks I’m currently using here in Nigeria.

How to run facebook ad in Naira SuccessfullyYou can imagine if you’re an advertiser on Facebook and you run ads to like $500 dollars daily. With this kind of policy you cannot run your ads again with such amount.

Except if you probably get a dollar denominated ATM Master Card, if you don’t, you can’t possibly run it and your ads will now take 5 days to be able to spend $500.

Facebook has made that restriction count for nothing as far as you want to run ads on their platform. You’re not limited at all with the current changes now.

You can now run your Facebook ads in Naira and spend as much as you want in a day without any fear of limitation on your ATM Master Card.

Here’s how to run Facebook Ad in Naira successful

Login into your Facebook Ads account

Please note; You can change the currency you use for Facebook ads in your Ads Manager if you don’t have a current balance once every 60 days.

Keep in mind that the payment methods available to you depend on the currency you use.

Now to change your currency:

Go to your Account Settings in Ads Manager.

How to run facebook ad in Naira SuccessfullyUnder Time Zone, click Change Currency / Timezone.

Select your new currency and time zone and then click Create New Account.How to run facebook ad in Naira Successfully

In this case, select Naira or your country currency if you can found it there.

Things to keep in mind about changing your currency:

When you choose a new currency and time zone, you’ll create a new ad account. Your old ad account will be visible in the Account dropdown in the top left of your Ads Manager, but it’ll be closed and all ads created with your old account will stop running.

Any ads you had running on the old ad account will be billed in the old currency.

If your Business Manager account has several other accounts associated with it, it’s not possible to change your currency. You’ll need to create a new account from Business Manager with the new currency.

The payment methods available to you depend on the currency you choose.

That’s it.

I guess you find easy to follow. You can now start to run your ad without any fear of how much Naira it will cost you to a dollar.

No more ripping your bank account from the bank anymore in name of black market rate.

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5 thoughts on “How to run Facebook Ad in Naira successful”

  1. Hello, i tried paying for a facebook ad but my card was declined by GTbank (it was a naira mastercard). Please sir, how were you able to successfully pay for your ad in naira?

    1. As at now, all Nigerian Banks have disabled the DCC option, because it’s not favourable to them.
      Use the support box in facebook to send them message of what you’re experiencing.
      But before that, see if you can change your payment back to dollar, if it’s not possible, send them message through the support box.

      1. Ok, thank you. Do you think i would be able to use another currency that is not as high as the dollar?.

  2. Funto Siyanbola

    Pls I tried changing my currency with the steps above. Pls can u explain further what “Deactivate Old Ad account” means? Does it mean I need to Create a new Facebook personal and business page entirely and my current ones would be deleted permanently from Facebook.

    1. This is no longer needed as Nigerian Banks have frustrated the opportunity.
      As at now, you can run your ads up to $1000 in a month and If you still want to run your ads in Naira, then you will have to open a new facebook account, allow it to stay for at least 15days before making any attempt to run advert.

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