How To Juggle Your Children And Your Career During Half Term

How To Juggle Your Children And Your Career During Half Term

Once again, the schools are about to break up for half term and it’s time to consider how to keep our little ones entertained throughout the week. Whilst the majority of parents prefer to spend the school holidays with their children, it can be difficult for working parents to juggle their careers with the half term. Not every parent is fortunate enough to be able to take their entitled holidays at the same time as their children which is why some families can find themselves in a predicament when trying to juggle between the two. However, there are a number of ways to find your way around this if you are unable to negotiate holidays with your employer.

 Many parents will find themselves in the same situation as each other so why not try and share the babysitting with family or close friends? If you happen to be working on the Monday but are free on the Tuesday, try and compromise with a close family friend and offer to mind their children for one day whilst they look after yours another day. This is a great cost effective way to get your children minded as they will also be able to spend time with their friends and close family.

Alternatively, you could find a quality day care centre for your kids to attend during their time off. This way you will be able to attend work whilst knowing your children are in the hands of a professional; day care centres usually require a small charge per day. Your child will be able to interact with other children, learn new skills and most of all they will be in a safe environment with qualified minders.

There are plenty of activities taking place during the half term holidays which will keep your kids entertained throughout the week. Billingham Forum is open 7 days a week and offer a range of activities including ice skating. The ice rink is open for public skates as well as ice discos. Other leisure clubs also have a number of activities such as gymnastics, football and karate which will give your children the chance to enjoy something new whilst improving their wellbeing.

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  1. Its not easy or a career for single Mom like me. Doing such activities with my son find me so complete while doing. Reading this article find me so interesting. Thank you Anthony Adeokun for this wonderful and very inspirational thoughts.

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