How To Get A Man That Love “The You Inside” And Prepare For Lasting Love

How To Get A Man That Love “The You Inside” And Prepare For Lasting Love

Attractive a man that will love the real you inside actually required how you present yourself to the men in the outside world. So I put it to you now that what kinds of attention do you want from men out there? I know very sure that larger percentage of women want to be loved and respected for exactly who really they are and not necessary on their outward appearance. Is that not what you desire?
Don’t you want to be loved by a man that is truthful, straightforward, pure, virtuous man who breathes confident, discipline, dedicated and committed to your relationship? You will agree with me, that you don’t want someone who will just use you and dump you like a pack of waste and you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a relationship with a man that lack self-control and lust after every gorgeous, dazzling, stunning, cute and pretty girl he sees.
How To Get A Man That Love

Katherine Kersten, commentator on National Public Radio and chairman of the Center of the American Experiment, writes, “But modesty is about something more: simple fairness. We women demand respect from men, insisting that they value us not for our looks, but for ‘who we are.’ It is hypocritical to do this, and then dress and act immodestly — intentionally provoking sexual desire, and signaling our easy openness to it. To act this way is to undermine our own dignity, to treat ourselves as ‘sex objects.’ Moreover, it is patently unfair, for it means that we are holding men to a higher standard than we hold ourselves.”

So What Do You Do To Prepare For Lasting Love?
The best way to prepare yourself for a lasting love and relationship life that will unites body, mind and soul is to be a replica of the person you will want as your future lifetime spouse. Think of yourself and your future mate as someone with integrity, a vital personality and strong character. If you develop these qualities and demonstrate them through words, actions and appearance, it will help you attract the same in a spouse. I don’t need anybody to tell me this, that there are many good men who are out there: men with breathtaking personalities, men who are intelligent, polite, considerate, respectful, and looking for committed and long lasting relationship.
To find a truly worthy man like this, remember that he’ll be attracted to a woman who dresses modestly as a sign of purity, to someone who recognizes that each person is created in the image and likeness of God. By dressing modestly, a woman also shows that she knows we were made to love and be loved as unique, unrepeatable individuals. She also shows that she has admiration for her body and her immortal soul (Body & Soul; two sacred gifts to be treated with dignity and reverence).
Well! Let me conclude this way by saying I genuinely appreciate women who make the extra effort to dress modestly. I know several eye-catching women who always dress in beautiful fabrics and modest styles. What makes these women even more eye-catching than their physical beauty and the fashionable clothes they wear is their modesty. It’s a virtue that makes them blaze in a beautiful way. It shows thoughtfulness, inner strength and high self-esteem.
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  1. Modest dressing is a vital attribute every one should inculcate personally and into thier children. This is important both for men and women, singles and married, to get the right spouse and to keep your marriage. Indecent dressing, is a growing evil in our society today, and should be addressed strongly.

  2. “Indecent dressing, is a growing evil in our society today, and should be addressed strongly” you really hit the point with that your last sentence.
    Thanks for the comment.

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