How to Deal With Pressure from Single Girls As A Married Man

How to Deal With Pressure from Single Girls As A Married Man

It’s happening everywhere, not only in the life of young married men but also in the life of men that should be of the same age with the single lady’s father. The pressure is much if you’re good looking, handsome, has a swollen pocket with good personality. Young married men are the one in the forefront asking how to deal with pressure from single girls that run after them, some girls are actually aware that some of these young looking handsome guys are married but they won’t let them be even with the present of the wedding ring shining in their finger.

how to deal with pressure from single girlsThis is a real test for most young married men, did I mention test? It should have been a temptation or whichever you think is appropriate. These instances should not be overlooked because so many homes are being broken every now and then. What is the way out for married men? What should you do as married man to reduce this pressure on your side? How can men deal with these home breakers, marriage spoilers, and family wreckers?

If you want to really know how to deal with pressure from single girls, please read on

One fact remain that there is hardly any girl who has not had the opportunity to date and to tempt married men, likewise there is no married man who has not had several opportunities to be tempted and stray away from their marriage vow to have an affair outside their marital home. Men that stand these pressures coming from single ladies are the one who have sense of morality, respect for the promise took at the altar with self discipline, they don’t allow their pressure to influence their choice and change their determination to stay and share their body with their wife.

To withstand all these pressure, you must also remember that these ladies got nothing to lose, nothing at stake, they are only interested in your money but on your own part, you got everything to lose with so much at stake.

You took a vow before God to Love, care, protect your wife and share your body with her alone. You are the one that your wife will get hurt, you’re liable to pick up a disease, STDs and infect your woman, your children look up to you as their father for moral guidance, it’s the same you who will bring out money that could have been spent for your family to satisfy your insatiable desire of home wreckers. You should also be the man who should be at home playing and laughing with your kids and family but decide to tiptoe out of your home to waste away such family bond with someone who has no moral value.

If you can remember all these things at stake, no matter the amount of pressure mount on you by these devil incarnate, you won’t fall into their temptation. It pays to be an honest faithful husband that your wife will carry you like a crown on her head and do all she can do to make you happy since you have proven to her how much care you have for her and the family, with respect for her heart, life and body.

There is a reward from God for staying strong in the midst of the looming temptation, there is no way temptation will not come but your ability to overcome them with help of God will make you the man your woman adore.

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2 thoughts on “How to Deal With Pressure from Single Girls As A Married Man”

  1. I agree that younger girls tend to play games with married men. I don’t understand why anyone would want to try to break up a relationship with mind-games, but it happens every day. My advice to men who think that a little flirting is harmless: stop now. It is not harmless, as it will lead you down a path that you do not want to be on.

    1. Oh yes Alyson! You’re on point here. Honestly what any man don’t want to eat, he must not make an attempt to taste. Thanks for dropping by.

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