How to Conquer Approach Anxiety For Ever

How to Conquer Approach Anxiety For Ever

Everybody has that fear of approaching people whether you’re still a teen, young adult or mature adult. It’s natural to feel anxious but allowing it to control your life is the negative part of it. It’s jeopardizes the chances of guys or ladies that found someone alluring to approach, approach anxiety is just like being chained to a particular spot when you’re supposed to be mobile and it’s often caused by fear of rejection of opposite sex

How to Conquer Approach AnxietyThe approach anxiety I’m talking about here is not the clinical approach anxiety otherwise I would have asked you to go see a therapist who will prescribe some drugs for you and restore your confident. I’m here to discuss the non-clinical approach anxiety which nearly everybody has but to some certain degree. People often get frustrated when they are unable to approach someone they really want to get to know

You will agree with me here that, most us can function normally in our day to day activities but when we see someone attractive across in a crowded room that trickle our fancy, we suddenly become frozen, we could go on asking ourselves, should I approach him or her? Or should I just hold my own here to avoid any form of embarrassment?

This maybe what is happening to you as you read how to conquer approach anxiety in this post. I know one thing for sure, that at the end of this article, if you can follow the simple yet effective approach to conquer your anxiety, it will be a thing of the past in no time.

If you ask anybody on the street on how you can overcome your approach anxiety, most people will tell you get drunk and move ahead to meet the hot leg, you wouldn’t feel any fear in your mind anymore. Although it might work for some but is not the effective type that will permanently put to rest the approach anxiety in your life. Must you even take drug to overcome your fear of approaching someone? It will even do you more harm than good at the end it all.

So, what will be my simple method? It actually nothing that comes from outside but within you, the problem here is not the anxiety but lack of action. As I said earlier on, everybody got that anxiety but those who take action have overcome them in their life. What I mean by taking action is this, face your fear right away and stir at its face, when you see someone that you want to approach, I want you to suck it up and go talk to that hot girl or guy right away, feel the fear, act nervous and stupid, be rejected (perhaps), chalk a victory up to action and become a better person attacking your fear. This is the best strategy so far that I have seen helping people to overcome approach anxiety, it add no extra cost to your daily expenses

It will not go away with just a try, you have to practice it over a month, develop the habit of facing your fear. Everybody has it one way or the other; you may not have noticed it in them. Without fear, you’re not challenging yourself and that mean you’re not growing up.

From today, develop the habit of taking action to stir at the face of your fear, during your daily life, seek out the people you’re hesitant to interact with and go interact with them, you’ll master it over time and you’ll be better for it.

That is my strategy on how to conquer approach anxiety, do you have any other method that you thing it work perfectly for you? Share your opinion with us here and we will be glad to hear your contribution.

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