How Tantric Massage Can Make You A Better Lover

To the uninitiated, Tantra may conjure up an image of naked yoga types gazing into one another’s eyes. Tantra does come from a spiritual practice and means ‘to weave together’.

The practice has great importance within the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

The aim is to go a higher level of consciousness through physical meditative acts such as meditating, yoga, sex and tantric massage.

Practicing Tantra with a lover can lead to more intense, uninhibited sexual experiences. For many devotees Tantra is an important and permanent aspect of their lives.

The great thing about Tantra is that you don’t have to sign up as a full-blown disciple to start enjoying its benefits.

Why couples should introduce tantric massage into their love life’s

Tantra is about worshipping your partner and helping them achieve a blissful orgasm.

The connection between you and your partner can be emotional, spiritual and physical, or just physical – plain body worship.

A good starting point on your quest to become a tantric love god (or goddess) is tantric massage.

Authentic tantric massage is an erotic massage where especial focus is placed on erogenous areas – and not just the obvious ones!

Where your partner’s hidden erogenous areas are is your mystery to unravel, and learn from, making you a better lover.

When performing a tantric massage, you are forced to slow things down and enjoy all that sensuous pleasure that the human form can offer.

A relaxed and pliant body will lead to a relaxed and open mind, leaving you both free to enjoy a more satisfying, more intense experience.

If you don’t have a partner to practice tantric massage with then there are plenty of sensual massage providers in various cities such as London, New York, Bangkok etc. who can help you.

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