It Takes Two – How To Satisfy Your Woman In The Bedroom

Many men have a lot of redeeming qualities but the one thing that we all have in common which frequently lets us down is the fact that we all think we’re a god in the bedroom. The sad reality is that most of us are pretty useless. It’s not for a lack of trying, but for a lack of listening. We have a tendency to think that we know where we’re going and rarely ask for directions.

How To Satisfy Your Woman

If you really want to impress your woman, then this article is worth a read. She will thank you for it that’s for sure!

1. Slow down cowboy

Just because you’ve decided you want to have sex it doesn’t necessarily mean that your woman is ready. Slow it down and take your time to enjoy her body. Your woman needs time to focus and relax and if you are constantly rushing your clothes off and trying to shove it in then you are going about it all wrong sunshine.

Slow down, be supportive, and be realistic about your timing. Demonstrate your sensitive side and inch those clothes off nice and slow…the anticipation will make it all the more explosive.

2. Pay attention to her needs…seriously

The goal of sex isn’t for you to pop your clogs and be done with it. If you want a happy, healthy woman then you need to take care of her needs – first and foremost. She isn’t your personal male masturbation toy. She’s a person with needs and desires just like you. Remember that for a woman, an empty orgasm means nothing. She craves connection and requires that you pay attention to her body and breathe her in.

3. Let her call the shots

A really fun way to build up the tension is to wait for her to order you inside. Kiss her, explore her body, smother her in long, sensual strokes. The longer you draw this out, the more urgent her demand will be when she can wait no longer!

4. Focus on the clitoris

Remember that not every woman can experience orgasm from penetrative sex. It’s a cruel joke indeed; as if women didn’t suffer enough as it is, some of them are cursed with an inability to climax from penetrative sex – no matter how good you think you might be. That said, it doesn’t mean she can’t experience meaningful and pleasurable sex. Get down there and pay some close attention to her clitoris – do this and you are good to go!

5. Ask her questions

Ask her what she likes. Communication is the key to understanding your woman and when you get her more involved in the process, you’ll have much greater success when it comes to pleasing her. The fact is, many women are quite shy and are embarrassed to be more assertive in the bedroom – especially if they feel it might hurt your feelings. Be ready for some constructive criticism and ask her what she likes and doesn’t like. And by the way, it works both ways. If you don’t like the way she touches you, ask her to try a different technique. Simple.

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