How to Initiate Conversation with a Guy

Thinking about how to initiate a conversation with a guy who is possibly your crush can be nerve-racking. You really want to get to know him but are too afraid of the possibility. Will he respond to your text? 

Well, nobody knows the answer unless you try it yourself. I know it’s not easy, but with a  little courage, a lot of interest, and your truest self, you’re gonna be fine. 

initiate conversation with a guy

Initiating a conversation with a guy you like is actually the same as starting a conversation with anybody else. But your mindset is the one that makes it hard. You’re overthinking.  You’re probably worried about saying the right things, asking interesting questions, wanting to seem charming, trying to look cool and confident without being cheesy, and more. 

All those thoughts can fill you with anxiety. End up, you’re either chickening out or start saying something that doesn’t even make sense. Sound familiar right? 

But it is okay, we all go through the same process. Even the most confident girl that you know out there might be facing the same problem. So keep calm and continue reading. 

In today’s article, I will show you that this problem is only temporary. The minute you get a  reply to the first message you send, you will realize that starting a conversation is actually not a big deal. You’re excited to ask more cause there’s a range of things that you want to bring up. 

In order to help you get the ball rolling, here we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to initiate and keep him engaged in the conversation. 

1# Start with confidence 

Sending the first text is a bold move, but it also shows major confidence. You’re basically telling him that you aren’t afraid to go after what you want. 

When I first try to get my wife’s number, I leave a message on her social media account. I  told her about my name, my job, and why I need her number. To be honest, my message might give her a very good impression because she remembers it up until today. 

So whenever you feel nervous about it, start asking yourself whether it is okay to text him or not? Believe in yourself, it is totally okay for you to message him first. 

2# Simple and straightforward 

Exchanging a simple and straightforward message can lead to a longer conversation. Do not spend too much time thinking about how to craft a super creative message with a lot of emojis that can capture his attention.

Instead, start with something simple and fresh. You can talk about the recent issue that goes viral, recent news, or food. Or you can also start discussing something as mundane as the weather. 

“Can you believe how hot it is in [your place] today?” 

“It’s raining outside and I love rainy days. Are you enjoying the weather today?” 

A simple and straightforward conversation like this might not command immediate interest.  But it will guarantee a response that you need to keep the conversation going. 

3# Ask him open-ended questions 

Nowadays, many conversations die before they can even begin. Something like “Hey,”  “Sup?” “Hi!” and “How are you?” texts are no longer an option. It is utterly boring, dull,  monotonous, and can be a total turn-off. 

According to one survey conducted by OkCupid, they found out that sending a “Hey” type message is totally ignored by users a whopping 84% of the time. You definitely didn’t want your guy to contribute to that percentage. 

To prevent your message from being ignored, it is a good idea to start a conversation with a  question. Not just a regular question, but ask him an open-ended question. 

If you’re not familiar, open-ended questions are questions that can’t be answered by a “yes” or  “no” or such other short one-word answer. It needs to be answered with a unique perspective that usually prompts a longer conversation. 

Which leads to your objective right? Make him text you back and keep the conversation going. 

4# Do your homework 

Do your homework before you initiate the conversations. Get to know him a little bit, if you know him offline (same college, neighbor, etc), ask your friend about him. If you’re on a  dating site or social media, read his profile and find something you can ask a question about. 

Stalk his account but don’t overdo it. Men really love when someone read their profile and talks about their picture or hobby. So use that to your advantage. Ask a relevant question.  Who knows, maybe you both have something in common or have similar topics that you both love to talk about. 

If he is someone who loves to update his social media status, you can privately respond or ask about his status. Follow up and try to build up a conversation privately. Let’s say he mentions his job interview in his status, you should use this opportunity to connect with him. 

“Oh, wasn’t today your interview? How’s it going? Best wishes! I’m confident you’ll do well!”

This text message will show him how much you care for him and he would love to answer your question. 

5# Make us of Netflix 

Most of us are watching Netflix or any similar program nowadays, so make use of it. Did he love horror movies? Or romantic comedy? Or even Kdrama? Use that interest to initiate conversation. 

People love to talk about or share content that they enjoy. So he will definitely enjoy talking to you about this one. He might even recommend his favorite series or movies. Watch it and share your opinion, this is the easiest way for you to keep the conversation going. 

Remember the simple and straightforward text? You just need to ask him something like this: “What are you watching on Nextflix these days? Any recommendation?” 

There is a huge chance that he will give his recommendation and talk about his interest with you. 

That it! These are the easiest tips for a conversation starter that you can try. If you need a  more in-depth article with a technical explanation about texting your crush, you need to check the article here: What to Text a Guy You Like – Explained by a Guy

Guys are just as human as everyone else, there is no need for a secret spell to start a  conversation with them. All you need to do is be yourself, ignite their interest, and keep the conversation light and fun. Once you capture his heart, he will be yours forever.

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