How to Get Over a Breakup for Men and Women

It is certain that in every romantic relationship, there’s going to be one possible outcome out of the two possibilities. You will either end up together forever or you will break up. Option number one obviously happens way less often than option number two. Breakups are a part of life even though they are emotionally painful.  

How to Get Over a Breakup

However, moving on might be difficult sometimes, so giving yourself some time to heal can help you restate your life effectively and swiftly

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you five solid ways to get over breakup and be yourself again quickly.

1. Watch certain movies to help you get over the breakup

Oftentimes when you’re not occupied with anything that will take away your attention, you’ll tend to remember the deep pain and hurt of your breakup. The most important thing to do at this time is to get occupied with movies that help you feel better and even forget about the emotional pain of your breakup.

I will recommend you watch these movies; “Someone Great”,  He’s Just Not That Into You”, “Like crazy”, “Mamma Mia!”, “Runaway Bride”, “The Last Five Years”,  and “Marriage Story”.

These are movies that will help you feel better and totally forget about your broken relationship because they will help you see life in another perspective.

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You may be able to block out negative emotions such as sadness, loss, and rejection with the excitement of meeting and getting physical contact with someone new.

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3. Do a social media cleansing

You’re bound to come across his or her face again on social media except you do some cleansing which will help you put distance between both of you. Unfollowing your ex on social media is actually not enough; you may need to block him or her from reaching out or trying to check your profile and see what you’re up to.

Another approach is to limit your time on social media if you don’t want to be blasted by their face anytime you log in to your social media account and this will remain so until you feel better about the breakup where your ex’s presence doesn’t make you feel any kind of emotional connection anymore.

4. Your self-esteem, rebuild it

When the breakup is initiated by your partner, it Is actually normal to start finding fault in your physical appearance and your personality traits, and you’ll start asking yourself what’s wrong with you that possibly led to your partner falling out of love.  Instead, think in the opposite way. Pay attention to your true values and the contributions you made to the relationship.

Make a list of qualities that describe your character, emotional prowess, skill set, and other qualities that are important and valuable in a relationship.

5. Spend Time On A New Hobby

When you’re in a relationship, every free time you have is being spent with your partner and now that your partner is no more there, you need something to occupy that space.  

This is the reason why you need to take up a new hobby to fill up that space.

Being in a relationship is a habit and when you lose such habit, you need to take up another habit to occupy the space the and best thing to do is to take up a new hobby and channel all the energy you spent on your ex and put it back to get yourself feeling better.

Sincerely, breakups are not that easy to get over but you can minimize the negative emotional effect quickly with any of the five points mentioned above and in no time, you’ll feel better and start a new relationship again.

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