How To Be An Escort’s Favourite Client

Congratulations! Without even reading this article you’ve done step one in becoming your escorts favorite client by simply taking the initiative to look this up. While I can only speak to my experiences, the below tips to seeing  Escorts Babes NZ are fairly universal in the sex industry. So whether you’re booking a Perth escort or a Melbourne BDSM provider for a couples booking, make sure your booking goes smoothly by checking out the tips below.

How To Be An Escort’s Favourite Client

Follow our instructions when enquiring

So it’s your first time booking NYC escorts and you’re super nervous. You find someone you like and in a flurry of excitement you flick them a “hi…I’m fit and young…You available?” – you never get a response and you’re left wondering why.

A great way to think about booking a sex worker is to act like you’re booking an appointment with your accountant. Your accountant doesn’t care how in shape you are, nor do they appreciate you ignoring all of the information on their enquiry form. Just like your accountant, sex workers are professionals and should be treated as such.

Many of us will have details in our ads or on our website regarding how we prefer to be contacted and what information is required to make a booking. Follow these instructions and you’ll be booked in in no time! If a provider doesn’t have enquiry instructions in their ad, send them the most relevant information off the bat – Your name, when you would like to book and for how long. The first message doesn’t have to be much longer than that!

Arrive on time. Not early, not late – on time.

This may seem like an incredibly simple tip but you would be surprised at the difference this can make. Like you, sex workers are damn busy. Between admin, content creation, bookings and our life commitments outside of work – a lot of us find our schedules packed down to the minute with little wiggle room.

It may seem like you’re doing us a favour by coming early, but unless this has been requested by your escort, it’s best to follow instructions and arrive on time. That way, right off the bat you’re showing that you respect their requests and they’re more likely to greet you with excitement rather than sweaty gym clothes and annoyance.

For the love of god, wash your junk!

No matter what shape, size or variety your genitals are, they need to be washed! You can be the loveliest client in the world, but if you’re rocking a sweaty butt or a smelly scrotum there’s strong chance we won’t see you again for round two. There are loads of great guides out there on how to prep yourself for sexy times, but in short use soap, wash under any folds and clip your nails!

How To Be An Escort’s Favourite Client

Respect our boundaries, no means no

Understanding consent and boundaries is vital to not just the relationship you have with your escort, but any relationship you part take in. If your escort has said they don’t provide a specific service, you must respect this.

A no means no, but it is also important to check in with each other throughout the session to ensure that there is no discomfort. While boundaries absolutely extend to the bedroom, they also extend to any other requests your escort might make. If they have a certain price set for their services or time, that’s the price and there is no room for negotiation.

If you can’t afford them, move on and find a provider who is closer to your budget. If you’ve booked an hour, make sure you leave on the hour. We’re very accommodating but a pet peeve in the industry is lingering clients. We’ve got shit to do too!

We love clients who love and support us and our community

Some of my absolute favourite clients over the years have been folks who have understood that the fight for sex workers rights is a fight that involves them too! After all, if either of us are criminalised it’s much more difficult for us to see each other.

We don’t expect you to know all the ins and outs of sex work politics, but it warms our hearts when we see you boosting our posts about the stigma we experience, using escort directories which are built by and support us like, donating to sex worker organisations like Scarlet Alliance and SWOP Brooklyn, educating yourself on how to be a better ally and having conversations with non sex workers about the importance of decriminalisation.

Bonus if you want to go that extra mile!

Finally, if you enjoyed your time with us, you can see we worked hard in the session or you’ve simply enjoyed our witty presence on social media, tip us or buy us a small (or big, we won’t say no :P) gift to say thank you! When you’re able to acknowledge the labour that is put in to our work, it means a lot to us.

And that’s it folks! We hope your future rendezvous’ are fruitful and that you find an escort who ticks all your boxes.

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