How to Create a Healthy Garden for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Having a garden is a true blessing, it’s a place where you can escape all the noise and stress of daily life, it’s a place where you can sip your morning coffee as you soak up the sounds of nature, a place to relax, play with your kids and entertain your friends.

How to Create a Healthy Garden

Benefits of spending time outdoors are widely known and gardening is an easy activity that will enable you to reap all the benefits nature has to offer; growing your own fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers and when you get your kids involved, you’ll spend quality time together and pass on valuable knowledge and skills on them.

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Set up a cosy sitting area

An easy way to ensure that your garden will be suitable for everyone is to divide it into separate zones. You won’t have to build any walls, just try to give each space a clear definition and purpose. Leave a grassy space, generous if you have small kids and pets, where you can keep all the toys, a playground and a play tent.

Consult an expert landscape architect on the choice of plants, trees and shrubs to plant along the walls and fences so the garden looks more lush and natural. And don’t forget a cosy sitting area for the grownups. Have it covered so you can enjoy it in almost any weather, surround it with plants that will give off a relaxing aroma, include appropriate lighting, a sound system so you can set up a romantic atmosphere and some sort of outdoor heating so that even chilly evenings pose no problem.

Finally, add accessories to your taste to dress up the area; scented candles, vintage lanterns for additional lighting, cute potted plants and soft outdoor furnishings to give the area unique charm and character.

Accessories are an excellent way to make your garden special. Add candles and lanterns for some extra lighting options and look at soft outdoor furnishings and clever planter ideas to make it truly unique.

Create an awesome outdoor kitchen

No garden or backyard can be complete without an outdoor kitchen. It’s the best solution for entertaining family and friends with great food and drinks. Even on a limited budget, this can be an easy DIY project that will provide you with a practical and lovely outdoor space for barbeque parties and fun.

Think in terms of creative solutions such as a movable grill, expandable outdoor table, benches and chairs to seat your many guests. Place everything so they face your outdoor living area or deck and space will feel more connected and open. For more comfort, add padded seats and cushions, overhead string lights and some table decorations such as tiny potted plants, scented candles and glass jars with sweets.

Start your no-dig garden

The healthiest option for your family is having a vegetable garden. A great way to get into gardening is to start your own no-dig garden that will provide your family with fresh and healthy home-grown food. It will also give you all a chance to spend time outdoors and work together on your little garden project.

You can decide to grow anything, from flower beds to veggie patches. It’s a fairly simple project that involves several pieces of wood arranged to form boxes that you need to fill with soil and start planting.

Start small with just a few raised beds that you’ll fill with good soil, place it where it can get plenty of sunlight and water it regularly. Pick sturdy, kid-friendly plants to grow, such as carrots, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, zucchini, peppers, beans, peas and some fragrant herbs.

To make it a family project, get the kids involved from the beginning throughout all stages of planning, planting and the daily upkeep. When the harvest comes, you’ll all be able to celebrate the fruits of your labour.

Reap the benefits together

Yard work and gardening are considered to be moderate-intensity exercises which everyone needs daily for at least 30 minutes. Even though taking care of your family garden isn’t a demanding and vigorous activity like jogging or playing a sport, it is still beneficial for your overall health.

Likewise, gardening takes you outdoors into fresh air and sunlight so it’s a natural stress-reliever and as you perform repetitive tasks and get in contact with plants and soil, your brain will release serotonin and keep you relaxed. All of this can contribute to a better appetite, sleep quality, elevated mood and even improve your kids’ general well being which can have a positive and soothing effect on their behaviour.

Spending time outdoors in your garden is particularly beneficial for kids. In addition to previously mentioned improvements in behaviour, kids who spend time gardening and eating the vegetables they helped grow are also more willing to try new and unfamiliar things. They also learn about responsibility and get a sense of achievement.

Creating a healthy garden is a project the entire family can enjoy. Whatever you choose to grow, you will be educating your kids along the way, producing healthy food for everyone and reinforcing your family bond – a win-win situation!

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