Helpful Friend Challenge Hints

Is the birthday of your bestie coming up? If so, make sure your gift is the most memorable and creative this year. There is a special book of adventures made for friends to create memorable fun, called the Adventure Challenge.

Helpful Friend Challenge Hints

It’s boasted of being effective in curing boredom and providing unforgettable moments to remember forever.

This information will be helpful in understanding the icons that serve as guidelines, along with some adventure examples.


Prior to selecting an adventure, players are suggested to look for the hints provided next to each of the 50 adventures. By interpreting the symbols, your crew can decide whether to uncover the challenge or skip it for the time being. There is no rule about following the adventures in the outlined order. You can start with the last one on the list.

The meal icon means the participants should have empty stomachs before starting the activity. The challenge will most likely involve eating a full meal, meaning you shouldn’t eat too much beforehand. The cookie icon indicates the activity involves preparing or enjoying a purchased snack somewhere through the challenge.

When you see the wave or paint splatter sign, it means things will get messy. However, any kind of messiness it’s worth the trouble, as you will enjoy every second of it. If you see the paint splatter sign, be prepared to wash your clothes after the adventure. If you need to prepare for the splash zone, make sure your clothes are appropriate for the occasion. Go here to see some outdoor wear for getting wet and keeping dry.

Many challenges have a trolley drawn next to them, indicating the need for some supplies. Only individuals with a vast stock of craft and food supplies might avoid purchasing the necessary items for the activity. Otherwise, you should go to the store to get some essential items whose approximate cost is listed in the budget.

The running man is an icon that stands next to all adventures that involve some physical effort. These activities aren’t hard, but participants would probably sweat a bit and run around to finish them. Do not scratch these off if you are in a lazy mood, as you wouldn’t take pleasure in the challenge as planned.

When you see the house symbol, get prepared for an activity that takes place indoors. Consequently, cold and rainy days are perfect for choosing adventures of this caliber. When the sun is shining, scratch off the adventures with a tree symbol, which shows they take place outdoors. There is no logic in choosing these activities when the days are rainy or freezing.

Moreover, the home icon shows the challenge should be either performed inside or around the house. Messier activities are better done outside the house to avoid making a huge mess indoors, especially if water, paint, or sprays should be used. The sun describes daytime activities that require plenty of daylight. Conversely, nighttime activities are represented by the moon.

The camera symbol instructs individuals to use a photo camera or video camera to document everything. If you haven’t ordered the set with the camera, your smartphone will do the trick. The baby icon means players should hire a babysitter while doing the challenge. Most activities can be done in the presence of kids, but some are a bit difficult to accomplish with children around.


The best way to fully understand the symbols is by using a challenge to illustrate the icons. Let’s take the House by the Sea (WEED) adventure as an example. It features two symbols, a trolley, and a house. If you look at the icon list, you’ll see that the challenge takes place in your home and asks for some supplies. Regarding supplies, every player should have at least two dried seaweed packages.

Players should put the packages on a table and face each other while following the instructions. Get a timer and set it for two minutes. Once you start the timer, you must also start building a house of dried seaweed, very similar to building a house of cards. The winner is the pal who builds the highest structure.

Another example challenge to analyze is the “An A-Fort-Able Dessert.” The following URL,, features all the editions of the challenge book for friends. The same two icons are represented for this activity as well. Players should collect all the needed supplies for making s’mores.

Afterward, friends need to gather all the pillows and blankets for building a blanket fort. After building the fort, make s’mores in the fireplace or in your microwave/oven. Finally, you should pick a movie from the top ten friend movies list.

Helpful Friend Challenge Hints

Final thoughts

Why not surprise your bestie this year with a unique birthday gift?

You won’t regret this idea!

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