Five Health and Beauty Hacks You Should Consider Adding to Your Routine

We all have our own tricks up our sleeves when it comes to keeping ourselves looking young, fresh and radiant.

There are a few key elements to a health and beauty regime that we all know and love, like moisturising, hydrating, using an SPF, resting well, and having a quick and simple daily make-up routine that’s easy on your skin.

However, when you’ve already got these habits solidly worked into your routine, you might find yourself wondering what else you can do to step things up a level and make sure that your self-care is up to scratch. Here are five things you can try out when you’re feeling stuck and a little lifeless.

Health and Beauty Hacks

Light Therapy

Trying out light therapy can be beneficial in many different aspects of your health and beauty routines. The treatment has many different uses such as skincare, oral health care, muscle recovery, wound healing and more.

Whether you try out professional treatments at a salon or healthcare institution or invest in your own products to use at home, this can be a useful tool in your arsenal for dealing with various issues. Click here to read more about this treatment.

Going Natural

If you’re trapped in a 15-step skincare routine with about 100 different products and still not feeling like it’s helping you to feel radiant and glowy, it might be time to take things back to basics.

It may feel counterproductive, but sometimes less is more and reducing the number of beauty products you use daily can be beneficial for your skin in the long run.


In terms of your physical and mental health, aromatherapy could be something interesting to slip into your routine when you feel like you’re hitting a slump or a plateau, or simply struggling in certain areas of your life.

You can use natural plant extracts in the form of essential oils to help with things like stress and anxiety, sleep management, easing certain pains like headaches and migraines and even fighting viruses and bacteria. 


Foot massage therapy, or reflexology, is a type of treatment that focuses on the feet (as well as the hands and ears) and how they are connected to different points in the body.

Putting pressure on different parts of the foot can impact its related body part and thus help to ease pain or tension, reduce stress and anxiety and even improve digestion through different touch points. Speaking to a reflexologist about certain health issues might be a useful path to consider.

Laser Treatments 

Using laser to treat and alter your body may sound scary but it can make a health and beauty routine quicker, easier and more manageable. Laser hair removal can be painful but is a great way to remove pesky body hair long-term and eliminate the need to constantly use harsh razors and waxes.

Laser treatment can also be used in scar treatment and removal and even a hair transplant procedure. Check out a local laser treatment facility to find out which treatments will best suit your needs. 

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