What does it feel like to have sex every day?

Sex is one of the most interesting modes of establishing intimacy, and it can be very addictive. Don’t be surprised that your partner can get addicted to your body such that they might want to have you every day of the week, even though that might be technically impossible.

What does it feel like to have sex every day

If you’ve ever thought of the possibility of having sex every day, you are not wrong for doing so. Several individuals have also had to think about how possible this could happen. However, if you are having red lights from your partner or your partner isn’t okay with this arrangement, then it’s a No situation.

But is it possible to have sex every day? Yes, you can have sex every day. Although, it might not be possible for ladies to have sex every day, especially those that aren’t comfortable having sex while they are menstruating. However, if you are okay with this as a lady, then it’s also technically possible that you can have sex daily.

You can also enjoy using sex toys to continue the fun. There are many realistic toys designed to replicate the sensations of sex or oral sex – like the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust blowjob sex toy, or for your partner you can use vibrators and clit stimulators.

The main question now is, how does it feel? The same way you have sex and you feel elated or a little tired is the same way you will feel if you continue with it or take it as a daily routine. If you’ve been on cam girls’ live sessions, then you must have heard of several things that they do to keep their bodies ready for sex.

Sex could be in any form, it could be solo sex, penetrating sex, or anal sex like the usage of anal plug or other forms of sex. But the main focus here is how you feel if you decide to have sex every day. So, irrespective of whatever form of sex you might want to have, it is very possible to have sex every day.

Top three tips to help you enjoy stress-free sex daily

If you’ve been thinking of the possibility of you having sex daily and you would like to explore it, these three tips will help you become better as you work on bringing your imagination into reality

Start with daily masturbation

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that’s the same way masturbating and sex could start. In the same way, you can’t jump into walking except you crawl, in that same instance, you need to first, take masturbation seriously before you can now begin to imagine daily sex.

Masturbation helps you to gain control over your body and helps you understand what you can do to help you improve your sex life. The more you masturbate, you more you understand your body and what needs to be done to help you explore sex better.

If you are able to masturbate daily without any form of stress, or hiccups, then you can be sure sex won’t be any different. If you are in a relationship, engaging in mutual masturbation with your partner while you watch porn can also help you get better by the day. It will help you improve the rate at which you become sexually active.

Don’t bite more than you can chew

It is worth noting that sex isn’t an exercise. As mentioned earlier, it could be addictive but also, there are ways to play around with this concept and still be safe. Having daily sex should mean not being extra with it.

Since you will be having sex the next day, you can have as much as 10-20 minutes of sex per day instead of going for hours. You don’t need to prove anything to anybody. So, don’t have sex as though you are having more than enough to prove or you have something to say to the other person.

Having sex moderately will help you stay both healthy and well. Hence, have it moderately, even if you are paying for it or it’s solo sex.

Carry your partner along

If you have a partner and you’d love to have sex with them every day, then you must be willing to do all it takes to make that work. You and your partner might not have the same sexual prowess or the same sexual beliefs.

So, it will take a bit of effort for you to bring your partner up to speed, on the same level as you if you would like to enjoy sex daily. Take your time to explain to them why it would benefit the relationship if you have daily sex and how sex could help the relationship get better.

If your partner reasons with you and can see things from your own perspective, then it becomes less stressful for you to enjoy sex daily. Since you don’t have any other partner asides from the one you have presently, you might as well talk to them and school them on the reasons why sex should be daily.

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