Handling Disappointment on a Date or In Relationship

Handling Disappointment on a Date or In Relationship

Have you ever experienced that moment where you waited for your date to show up and she or he didn’t show up? Have you ever trust someone you think you have mutual feelings and ended up disappointing you? Perhaps you been promised by a lady or guy for a wonderful meeting and outing but you waited on day without seeing one another. How frustrated could it be waiting for someone you feel there is intimate connection between you both only to be disappointed you when you’ve raise so much hope on them?

Handling Disappointment on a Date or In RelationshipIt happens to everyone that is about starting a relationship with another person of the opposite sex. I have been there before and I know how frustrated I was and until I learn how to handle the situation, I was not myself for lengthy hours of those days of disappointment when I returned home.

If you have not given much into it, expect less from it

Yes, expect less than the ideal, you’re just about starting the relationship, even though you feel disappointment when they fail to show up, just take it as one of the thing you will experience in the dating world. When you start to put in more effort into it to make sure the relationship work, by then your expectation may be a little bit raise up than when nothing has been invested into it. At this period, your partner is expected to be more committed as well in other to cushion the effect of disappointment when it does happen. There is no way disappointment won’t come but the ability to handle it very well is what is required of you.

If you’re already in the relationship, expert your partner not be perfect at all-time though not on some silly mistakes but on some things you know it can go beyond their control. If you a man, you don’t expect your wife, to do the entire house chore, prepare you delicious meal, take care of the baby and at the same night satisfy on bed for the entire night. And if you’re a woman, you cannot expect your man to be able to sit and talk with you for hours when he returns from work especially during the week days, discipline and family oriented, strong and hardworking, working with you on the beach as you desire, be romantic and meet all your good expectations.  All the idea sound great really and both of you will want that from your partner but it is not possible to meet all of that as you desire at that particular time. So, as time goes on, you will learn to be more involved in your relationship and your level of involvement will often time be reciprocated by your partner.

Express your feeling through proper communication

People that love themselves don’t like to disappointment each other but disappointment do come anyway. So what are you supposed to do? You have to understand what is important to you in your relationship and then learn to communicate them to your partner. You need to be honest about the area you feel disappointed and communicate it to your partner using proper communication channel, don’t do it in a provocative ways but rather in a subtle way that shows how you really felt bad about the situation. Don’t make it your shows only but allow your partner too to tell you what he thinks and both of you talk about the disappointment and understand each other clearly about all these issues. Don’t just sit down and allow the disappointment to ruin your day to day activities. [Read; How to effectively communicate in your relationship]

Do something that takes your mind off the disappointment

If you are trying to establish a new relationship and get disappointed on your date, you don’t have to think it over for long time. In most cases, finding something interesting that can make you not think of the disappointment will help in handling every of those disappointment you’ll experience along the way as you’re trying to find the one that will match the criteria you’ve set down for your relationship. You can chose any of these if you’d prefer them; take a book and read but not a romance novel because it will make you think of that disappointment again, go out meet friends, they will surely cheer you up, play your best music and dance your heart out (this worked for most people), if you love playing game, it might be computer game, video game or game that you have to be physically involved, go out there and play your game. I’m sure you’ll feel better after doing something interesting enough to keep your mind of any kind of disappointment you may have experience.

At this point, let me hear your thought on how you think you can overcome dating or relationship disappointment. Remember that if you cannot handle disappointment well, it may hurt you for long time and get rid of your joy and peace. Please like my Facebook Fan Page and also help share this post with any of the social media icons below.

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