Hair thickness and the problems that cause the hair loss

What is the hair thickness?  Usually, hair thickness depends on the number of hair follicles, and their number is determined genetically. On average, the hair on the head consists of 100-150 thousand follicles. Under normal conditions of hair formation and growth, the loss of 50 to 100 hairs per day is considered to be normal.Hair thickness and the problems that cause the hair loss

However, there are many reasons that slow down the growth, make the hair thinner and contribute to its loss. Among other things, the most dangerous “aggressors” are frequent coloring, heat treatment, stress and diseases associated with dysfunction of any of the internal organs. Visit to find the best products that will help to make your hair beautiful and healthy.

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Main causes of hair loss

Our body can give us a SOS signal through the hair loss. Hair loss, dullness, and poor growth – these are the ways our body can indicate that there are hidden internal diseases.

In addition, stress and dysfunctions of the central and peripheral nervous systems, endocrine dysfunction, infectious diseases, genetic predisposition, autoimmune disease, pregnancy, improper use of shampoo, tap water of poor quality can significantly worsen hair condition. All this can cause the hair loss as well.

Hair thickness and the problems that cause the hair lossTrichology is the science that deals with the problem of hair loss and hair treatment. Spectral analysis of the hair shows the excess or deficiency of trace elements in the body. It is used in many spheres of medicine, including judicial. In order to make a definite diagnosis, a responsible trichologist will ask you to show all the medical records in order to know the information about your health.

Hair as an indicator of diseases

Dry and weak hair can tell us about metabolism disorders and the lack of Calcium and Vitamins A and D. Sebaceous hair can be a signal of depression. Greasy hair can be a signal of problems in digestive system. Excessive sweating of the scalp can be a symptom of nervous system disorder.

Hair thickness and the problems that cause the hair loss


Dandruff often becomes the reason of hair loss (Seborrheic alopecia) as well. Scales penetrate into hair follicles and infest them. Hair becomes weaker, thinner, shorter, and then the hair follicle dies. It is difficult to cure the seborrhea, but it is possible and, what is more important, it is necessary. Anti-dandruff shampoos and balsams have only cosmetical effect: the scales are removed, but the process of their accumulation doesn’t stop.

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We have mentioned the main reasons of hair loss. Now you can wear hair toppers for women to cover the bold part. As you can see, most of them have to do with different health disorders. So if you want to have beautiful hair (you try your best, use different cosmetic products, but nothing helps), you definitely need to visit your physician.

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