Gulder Ultimate Search Fans Edition Win Brand New Jeep

Gulder Ultimate Search Fans Edition Win Brand New Jeep

Gulder Ultimate Search Season 10 edition started on Friday 4th of October, 2013 and this year’s Ultimate search come with something new. It is not only the participants that go into the jungle that will ultimate price, fans also have the chance of winning a brand new jeep. It has never been done before and that is why this year edition brings something special for the fans.

Gulder Ultimate Search Fans Edition Win Brand New JeepLots of other prices are available for the fans to win as you’re going to get to know all what is available for the fan to win as you read along. But before telling you all about what fans will win and how you as fan can win the wonderful prices line-up for the fans.

You need to know all about the programme of this year Gulder Ultimate Search Season 10 tagged “The 10th Symbol”. You as a fan have the opportunity to watch the reality TV programme on Africa Magic (DStv), Ebonylife TV, Realstar, WapTV, ESBS, AKBC from 10pm. AIT and Galaxy TV will also broadcast the highlights of the show from 10:30pm.

Marketing manager, Gulder, Legend and Life, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr. Emmanuel Agu, said, a lucky viewer (fan) will drive home a brand new jeep by participating in the first ever Gulder Ultimate Search Fans edition.

Well! Don’t be scared by the nature of what you do see on your TV screen, as the jungle contestant go through many activities. Terrified of being mired in mud, beaten by rain, bitten by insects, burnt by the scorching sun and smitten by the haze and winds? Viewers need not be frightened as the Gulder Ultimate Search Fans edition will involve none of these experiences.”

This is How To Participate In The Fans Edition

To qualify, contestants have to buy bottles of Gulder beer and look under the crown corks for unique codes. This code will then be sent to 20388, along with the consumer’s name, age and state. The consumer will then receive SMSs with questions from clues related to the GUS 10 transmitted on TV. They can also participate via mobile web: which involves logging on, registering their details and entering the crown cork codes to provide answers to the questions. Consumers that correctly answer six questions will get the opportunity to answer the Anchor man’s challenge which will be released on the seventh day by 11pm.

Prices To Be Won By Participating Fans

Mouth-watering prizes such as Gulder Gift Packs, units of DStv Walkas, 300 Dual-Sim Android phones, 50 tablets and N5 million worth of recharge cards will be won by viewers that successfully answer the Anchor man’s challenge.

By the fourth week, the first 12 to correctly answer the Anchor man’s challenge will qualify for a chance to participate in a one day Final Search. The Fan’s edition ultimate winner will get the chance to win a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero 3.0L GLX MT.

Deadline For All Edition

The Fans edition ends on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, while Gulder Ultimate Search proper ends on Thursday, October 31, 2013. Gulder Ultimate Search is Nigeria’s first and longest running reality TV 100 percent local content reality TV. Source: Business Day Online

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