What Does A Great Relationship Look Like?

The world over, irrespective of culture and religion, most people will agree that a great relationship is one that makes both partners happy. Depending on your own preference, may or may not revolve around having children, buying a home, or even seeing the world together.

Great Relationship Look Like

The fact is, what might be heaven for one couple may be hellish for another. So, when you get further along in your relationship with your partner, you may be wondering if your relationship is good, great, or just meh!

Luckily, there are some cores that all good or great relationships have, and this article will look at 5 of them. So, enjoy!

Sex Life and Chemistry

OK, so remember when you first met your partner? You may or may not have been instantly drawn to them. But as time passed, you couldn’t help but find yourself staring at them. That’s chemistry, and along with chemistry comes sex.

This is not to say that 20 years into your relationship you need to be having sex all the time. But having sex and still finding each other sexually attractive is important. In fact, expanding into new areas of your sex life can also make a relationship great too, so feel free to experiment with sex toys and lubricants, such as strapon harnesses at Wet For Her. Just be sure to keep these toys locked away.


Communication is key in most things, and many couples begin to struggle when there is a breakdown in communication.

Be open and honest with your partner. Empathize and listen to their point of view too. This can be tough, especially if you are feeling hurt or angry with them, but bottling up anger for days, months, or years is toxic for the relationship and for your mental health. So, be open and make time every day to talk, even if it is in bed before you go to sleep.


Trust is the most expensive thing in the universe. Why? It takes years to build up and a few harsh words to lose.

Losing trust can be devastating for a relationship, and, on the reverse side, the greatest relationships are those where the partners trust each other. You can aim to build trust by being reliable, open, and bearing yourself to your partner, and, of course, by not breaking promises regularly. If you feel there is trust lacking in your relationship, it may be worth having a discussion about this or even going to couples counseling.


The best relationships are those where the couple is able to laugh at each other without getting hurt, and of course, where they are able to laugh together!

Laughter is powerful, and if you have a lot of happiness and laughter in your relationship, that is a beautiful thing.


Most people will agree that a relationship where one person does everything and pays for everything is unbalanced. Equality in a relationship will help to keep you and your partner on equal ground and will prevent resentment from growing. So, aim to divide household tasks where you can, and divide bills too. Simple!

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