What Any Good Online Dating Platform Offers

The trend of online dating has become so prevalent that is an essential part of the everyday conversation around the water fountain. If it is not about the different types of guys or girls you have been messaging since you joined, it’s about which platform is the best one to use and so on.

In any case, we are all for this idea and think it has made lots of beautiful people very happy and fulfilled in their lives. Therefore, in supporting it we have comprised this article for those novices who would like to join any one of these websites but are not sure which one to choose as there are a few different ones out there, it could make your head spin.

As much as it is an exciting adventure waiting to happen, you need to make sure you’re not wasting your time, or your money on the wrong one, and as we all know time IS money. According to the Pew Research Centers website, over 30% of adults in the US alone, use this option or a dating app and the majority of them have had positive results.

 Common Elements on Any Dating Website

For any web enthusiast when you search a dating website in your area, anywhere in Canada, you will find a few different results to choose from. Some of them are popular with tons of users and members, while others, not so much. There is a reason for this, and it does not have to do with the ration of good looking to not-so-good-looking people. Rather it has a lot to do with what the websites offer its users and how helpful their options are.

Some of the most common things, or essential features if you like, that you will find on these platforms range from:

  1. Finding People Nearby. This is the main purpose of using a site such as this, to meet people whom you are compatible with, if they don’t have something as important as this option, Move to the next one. Looking for a person nearer to your area geographically is far better and useful than finding someone whom you need to fly off to some vacant plot to visit.

Users are usually able to set their preferential radius for when doing their search so it looks for matches within that zone only similar to this for instance https://canadadatingsites.ca/match-ca-review/

It’s like when you’re looking for accommodation somewhere to move into, you would normally add the miles in, so it keeps the results confined to certain areas.

  1. Tracker for Dates. If your one of the popular ones on the platform and since you joined a few months back, you have dated almost a dozen people but can’t keep track of them, some sites provide a tracker for its members.

This is a helpful tool that stores your experience as a user (and dater) including all the information or notes on the other person privately and confidentially. So if you do want to take the relationship a step further you know who to go for via the information o the tracker. Some of them even have red flags that you can choose to remind yourself to never see them again.

  1. An Advanced Search Option. Being as picky as you want is one of the fundamental reasons for such businesses existing. After all, you want your knight in shining armor or your princess in the clock tower, whatever you may call them, you can choose the one you go for.

Keeping this in mind, having an advanced search option will help you get there much easier than scrolling through thousands of profiles and reading all their bios which could take days, or even weeks to complete. No one has the time to sift through all the information anymore.

Aspects such as age, hair, height, hobbies, pets, likes, and dislikes should all be free to scheme through with the touch of a button and the input of some keywords. Any good platform should have a good UX design, this is the user’s interaction and experience when they get onto the website and the ease at which they can use it, it shouldn’t be difficult.

  1. Who Has Viewed Your Profile? This is a very common one on all platforms, not just the dating ones, and can help you to figure out if the person who has viewed your profile is interested in you or just give you a hint of who has been in your playing field recently.

Perhaps you like what you see and will reach out to them. Sometimes it may just be out of curiosity but its good to know that you are seen. Every opportunity is a chance to get closer to the one meant for you.

  1. Multi-Lingual Platform Options. Of course, this should be on top of the list, Afterall the sites need to aim at including everyone when [possible. Even in Canada, half of the population speaks French while the other half speaks English, and accommodating most languages gives the brand a lot of brownie points.

Some sites do not serve a global audience and that is completely fine too. Adding a single 2nd language option besides English can hugely increase engagement for the company, as well.

  1. It Has A Mobile App Version Too. This may sound obvious, but it’s something a lot of sectors misses the mark on. By having the option of both web and mobile, it increases the chances of user engagement by ten-fold, plus the members find it more convenient and easy to use wherever they are, on the bus, in a restaurant, in the park, and places where you don’t need to lug your laptop around.

People are on their mobile phones ten times more than they are on their computers, throughout the day. Having the presence of this option in their hands as well just makes sense, and additionally makes a huge difference to both parties – user and company in terms of revenues. It’s a win-win for all.

Hopefully, the above list of just a few of the essential items should help you along the way to your first steps in joining the dating pool.

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