7 Reasons to Gift Your Kids An Experience This Christmas

We’re living in a world of romantic consumerism where even holidays have been commercialized. That’s why you should consider breaking away from tradition and choosing experiences over material presents this Christmas. It’s an exciting way to make a holiday more memorable and meaningful.

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The trend of gifting experiences to children has become popular recently; two-thirds of adults aged 25 to 34 believe experiential presents are a lot better than tangible objects. You may take your children to see a famous museum, historical location, or national park. You can even consider planning a trip to Branson, Missouri, an exciting city visited by almost 10 million tourists annually.

Here are seven compelling reasons why gifting your kids an experience is the best Christmas present ever:

1. Experiences are more memorable

Material possessions fade away from memory in due course, but joyful experiences aren’t that easily forgotten. So, make this Christmas more memorable by gifting your kids a meaningful experience.

Why not let your children celebrate Christmas this year in Branson, an Ozark town known for its live music and family-friendly attractions? Its two-month-long Christmas celebrations showcase more than 6.8 million lights, 1,000 Christmas trees, and 3 miles of garlands, welcoming visitors to the town.

And given you are in the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World,” taking your kids to see a Branson Christmas show is going to be one of the most exciting and entertaining experiences of their lives. Watching Branson’s Nativity scene will teach them the true meaning of the Christmas holiday.

You can go to the infamous Christmas show at Dolly Parton’s Stampede. The show features a variety of Christmas-themed entertainment, including 32 magnificent horses, a North Pole and South Pole rivalry, and phenomenal musical productions featuring your favorite holiday songs. So, book your tickets online for Dolly Parton Stampede’s Christmas show to guarantee you get the chance to see it!

2. It’s something to look forward to

A Christmas experience can be more exciting, entertaining, and adrenaline-pumping than gifting them a tangible item. It’s something your kids can look forward to, whether it’s a trip to Branson, a visit to a theme park, or a family vacation to a famous American heritage site.

For instance, you can take educational tours to historical sites, factories, or even a working farm to teach kids about various industries. Visit a zoo, aquarium, or wildlife sanctuary, or even spend a day outdoors as a family..

3. Turn Christmas gifts into a hobby

Instead of giving your kids a material gift this winter, you should teach them a skill so they can make something for themselves. Whether these are cooking lessons or gardening skills, giving experiences to your children is the best form of celebrating Christmas in its essence.

These pastimes will enrich their lives, making them self-sufficient and capable of creating things on their own. An active hobby also keeps them away from a sedentary life.

So, instead of giving your kid a PlayStation or a smartphone, gift them an experience this Christmas to improve their long-term well-being while fostering their soft skills.

4. Experience gifts never get old

Material gifts never last forever; once they’re opened, their value begins to decline. Soon, they end up inside a closet, moved into the attic, and collect dust as your kids grow old. Hardly a few toys are missed by kids when they cross the border of adulthood.

Experiences never get old, and the lessons your kids have learned during an adventure stay with them for a long time. Even though your kids will value material possessions more than experiences today, they will learn to cherish experiential gifts in their twenties.

5. Experience gifts will reduce stress

Hunting for the perfect Christmas present for your kids can be a hassle. It involves dealing with long queues, crowded stores, and pre-ordering always out-of-stock items. Material presents make an entire holiday extremely overwhelming, ruining the whole vibe of Christmas.

However, gifting your kids an experience will be a lot more fun than a last-minute hunt for gifts. You can gift your children free music lessons or enroll them in a painting class online. If your kids are into sports, enroll them in a sports camp or take a family skiing or snowboarding trip.

This will be less stressful for you as a parent, and your kids will enjoy a more meaningful gift.

6. Fewer opportunities for jealousy

Christmas is about embracing the love of giving and sharing. However, your elder kids may feel a bit jealous of their younger siblings if you’re giving young kids more gifts or more expensive presents.

Jealousy will ruin the whole festival, making older kids feel less important. However, you can prevent this from happening by gifting your whole family an experience this Christmas. We’ve already shared a few experiential present ideas! How about planning a day at a nearby theme park or amusement park, which is always a hit with kids?

This way, all kids can enjoy Christmas with equal excitement and fervor without any feelings of negativity!

7. Make Christmas more affordable

Material presents contribute to excessive consumerism and can put a hole in your wallet. As per one study, Christmas gifts cost an average consumer almost $997 every season. But experiences can be more cost-effective than that, and you can cover holiday expenses very easily.

For instance, you can pay for your kids’ art classes (like painting and pottery) or outdoor adventures (like ziplining and kayaking). Buy an annual pass to a local science center or history museum to help them grow culturally. Get tickets to a live Christmas performance.

You’ll notice that your relatives will be more than excited to chip in if you’re planning to gift your kids a wonderful Christmas experience.


As Christmas 2023 approaches, consider gifting your children experiences that’ll be cherished long after the holiday decorations are put away. It helps foster lasting memories, encourage personal growth, and teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas. Show them the value of sharing not only tangible items but also experiences, memories, and emotions with loved ones.

Maybe even take them to another city to make this holiday season truly special for your kids.

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