How To Get Your Ex Back Using Texting

Step 1) No Contact

No contact is useful because if you do not spend at least 30 days (a month) without talking to him then you cannot make him feel your absence. Feeling your absence makes him miss you if he has any feelings for you. So make it a point to stop talking to him.How To Get Your Ex Back Using Texting

Step 2) Send Sporadic Texts

Don’t be “consistent” in how often you text him. Instead, only do it when you have something interesting to say. The more random the better; but random in a logical kind of way. What I mean is don’t just text for the sake of being random. Text because you feel like it. Because something wacky or funny or insane happened. This article goes into more detail and gives you a specific do’s and don’ts list.

Example of what not to do: “Hey. How r u?” (texting this every morning for a week with no color to the text).

Step 3) Be Positive Not A Negative Nancy

I know, I know. I’m being obnoxious by implying we are all negative Nancy’s walking around complaining about how horrible life is. Well, I am not even saying that—so hopefully you didn’t take it the wrong way. All I am saying is if you want to text your back into your life, you won’t do it by reminding him of the bad parts of your relationship. You also won’t do it by texting him about negative things. Instead, stirring positive emotions within him will make him associate these positive feelings with you.

Example of what not to do: “I hate my life right now. This is the worst day ever, first I woke up and had to do all this laundry but the laundry machine broke and I had to call the stupid company to come repair it and they didn’t come.”

Step 4) Make Each Word Count

When you text your ex do not go out of your way to be charming and write long paragraphs describing how you feel, what is going on and how much you miss him.

Instead, be short and concise. Only say things that have a purpose. Don’t go out of your way to be ultra explanatory. What I mean is… do not go out of your way to “explain” your feelings to him and instead go out of your way to not do this.

 Focus on the present moment and let your texts reflect this inner sentiment.

It can be easy to get caught up in memories of the past; but try to avoid this and focus on the now. Say what you mean. Mean what you say.

Step 5) Have FUN In Your Life

Let this attitude shine through; you will feel free, fun and happy in your life. When you feel this internally, you exude an air of confidence, excitement and happiness to the outside world. He will automatically be more attracted to you.

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