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Today many of us cannot do without internet, there are lots of information we will want to get at every point in time, it maybe for personal development, research, project work, assignment or what have you. But sometimes getting connected to the internet is a major problem in this part of our world. We may subscribed to any of the network provider (MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat) for accessing the internet, most of these network subscription are just too high for some of us to constantly access internet for the information we require to carry out our project work and thus, we loose out on getting something done at that particular time, maybe just because our internet subscription has just expired. Well! I can inform you today that there is a way out of this.
I have been accessing internet freely for quiet sometime now after my paid internet subscription expired without paying any money to anybody. There is software I use to access internet freely, YES! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, I SAID FREELY
Here is the software download link
  1. You need a Laptop of desktop computer
  2. You must install or have installed Mozilla firefox browser on your system
  3. You need a modem (preferably MTN modem) or any other network modem which of course you can unlock it and turn it to universal modem in which all network sim card will work with it.
For how to unlock your modem together with the software and the instruction Click here to have access to the information
The free browsing work very well with MTN SIM CARD.
The instruction on how to configure Mozilla firefox browser setting is together with the software link above.
Although this free browsing is very fast at night, it sometime too slow during the days and it also depend on your area, where the network is very strong like 3G coverage area, the speed is just ok.
Just enjoy it as I’m doing over here.
If you have any comment, just drop it in the comment box provided below.

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  1. How can i resolve it.Now whenever i plug my T.Mobile universal modem it display d signal level of my etisalat but telling me searching for web connect coverage.Thanks

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